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Accreditation Eligibility Workshop

19-20 June 2019 | Hong Kong


Liyan ChenLiyan Chen, AACSB International

Liyan Chen began working as a member service representative at AACSB in 2014, supporting 12 regions in the Asia Pacific region, performing various office duties, management reporting, and frontline roles. She has coordinated semi-annual Asia Pacific Advisory Council meetings, supported many of the Asia Pacific seminars and conferences, developed and executed Asia Pacific’s inaugural Best Practice Speaker Series event in Japan, and coordinated multiple school visits in the region. Chen currently serves as Manager of Accreditation Services at AACSB.


Lan_JesseJesse Yu-Chen Lan, I-Shou University, Colleges of International, Management, and Tourism

Jesse Lan (Ph.D., National Chengchi University) is the Director of Quality Assurance and Accreditation at I-Shou University, Taiwan. In this capacity, he coordinates quality assurance and accreditation across three colleges (Management, International, and Tourism and Hospitality) and 17 diverse departments and programs. During his directorship, he successfully accomplished the eligibility application, initial business accreditation, and currently he is working on the continuous improvement review process. He serves as AACSB Eligibility Advisor for universities in Asia Pacific region since 2017. He has given multiple presentations on assurance of learning and accreditation-related topics and, likewise, has helped many schools develop, implement, and refine their assessment systems. Jesse Lan is also the Associate Professor of Public Policy and Management Department. His primary areas of research include democratic governance, cultural diversity, and comparative policy analysis.