Quality Assurance Professionals Workshop

30 November 2018 | Chengdu, China

Quality Assurance Professionals Workshop

30 November 2018 | Chengdu, China

This seminar will be delivered in Mandarin with the written materials in English.  

Higher education is transforming at a rapid pace. Globally, there are more degree-granting institutions than ever before, and they are expected to demonstrate their relevancy and impact on a local, regional, national, and an international scale with stakeholders, including accreditors and governments.

These higher education institutions, some striving for or maintaining multiple accreditations, must develop plans and processes to research, prepare, and maintain certain stakeholder-required reports and be ready to shine when an on-campus visit is approaching. As a result, many forward-thinking institutions and universities view this as an opportunity to create new roles dedicated to the oversight and management of quality assurance (QA). These roles vary a lot from one institution to the other and many filling those positions are breaking new ground in these developing roles and are ready to take the next step. 

This workshop is designed to meet the needs of QA Professionals. During this workshop a couple of different institutional structures will be presented and discussed so that you get a sense of how your role and institution maps on to what best practice might look like. The workshop offers a forum to discuss the collective process where staff, faculty, students, and administrators must work together not only to accomplish a university’s mission and work toward its vision, but also to efficiently communicate its story for accreditation purposes. 

You will examine the competencies required for general quality assurance requirements, regardless of home institution, accrediting body and/or government/NGO. In addition, you will learn evidence-based process management techniques, review quality assurance documents, discuss cases, receive best-practice insights from experienced speakers and peers, and exchange and network with others in your profession. 





Learning Objectives

  • Understand the general requirements for a QAP
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of QAP tools, roles, and responsibilities
  • Be able to probe and interpret information and data from multiple sources to effectively make decisions for reporting
  • Learn how to work with system-building and developing assessment management systems, anchored in the organization’s mission, vision, structure and functions
  • Identify mechanisms to support, monitor, and maintain a structural culture of quality within the institution
  • Learn how to communicate effectively on quality assurance inputs, results, and the institution’s story with all stakeholders


  • 学习如何就质量保证数据、成果以及学院实践实例与所有利益相关者进行有效沟通
  • 学习如何开发建立与自己所在学院的战略规划、学习效果保障、教师质量标准等定位要求相匹配的质量管理系统
  • 理解质量保证专业岗位的总体要求、资格条件、职责义务、困难挑战以及职业道德规范
  • 学习管理和识别本学院已有的质量保证系统,监控、支持和维护学院的质量保障文化

Who Should Attend

  • People interested in or aspiring to be a Quality Assurance Professional
  • Quality Assurance Professionals, new and experienced
  • People who serve an active role in QA implementation and documentation


  • 感兴趣或有意愿从事商学院质量保证的人士
  • 有经验的或刚开始从事商学院质量保证工作的人士
  • 在商学院落实质量保证各项相关工作或质量保证建档工作中担任重要职责的人士

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