Online and Blended Education Seminar

12–13 May 2018 | London, United Kingdom

Online and Blended Education Seminar

12–13 May 2018 | London, United Kingdom

In today’s technology-focused world, your school is likely planning to create or improve an online or blended educational program. This seminar provides an opportunity for you, whether you are a new or experienced professional, to develop a clear understanding of how to harness pedagogy and leading-edge technology to achieve your school’s strategic objectives.

The seminar is particularly relevant for b-school administrators and faculty who are interested in expanding access to their MBA programs as well as meeting the demand for undergraduate education. By participating in this seminar, they will gain insights on improving existing online programs and incorporating components of blended learning into face-to-face courses.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze and discuss key components necessary for successfully designing and managing online and blended education (e.g., learning design, uses of technology, intellectual property concerns, curriculum design, assurance of learning metrics, developing faculty and staff skills and buy-in, maintaining high quality standards that are aligned with the business school’s brand, etc.)
  • Identify the information technology structure necessary for high quality delivery (e.g., staffing, equipment, university-level coordination issues, etc.)
  • Examine various models for delivering online and blended learning and consider key issues in making choices about infrastructure
  • Discuss the financial parameters associated with online and blended education (e.g., launching, innovating, staffing, etc.)
  • Recognize the challenges and opportunities students face in online and blended learning environments
  • Understand how online and blended learning can increase student engagement and motivation in the traditional classroom setting

Pre-Seminar Assignment

This seminar has a valuable online course associated with the face-to-face session. You should commit to spending several hours reviewing the online resources prior to attending the session. These resources are the foundation for the in-person discussions. In addition, you will have the opportunity to engage in online discussions and activities at your choice.

Who Should Attend

MBA: Associate deans and/or MBA program directors with an interest in starting an online MBA program or expanding/improving their existing offerings.

Undergraduate: Associate deans who are interested in expanding access to high-demand courses (e.g., marketing, finance, management, accounting, etc.) and/or beginning an upper-division online degree program.

College IT Directors and Instructional Designers: College staff whose primary responsibility is utilizing technology and/or electronic-mediated pedagogy in the delivery of graduate and undergraduate courses.

College Faculty: College faculty interested in using technology to engage students in learning in online, blended, and face-to-face courses.

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