Assurance of Learning
Seminar II

21–22 May 2018 | Hong Kong

Assurance of Learning Seminar II

21–22 May 2018 | Hong Kong  SOLD OUT

If you are aware of the fundamental components of the Assurance of Learning (AoL) process but want to improve your school’s process, refine your objectives, close the loop, or prepare for an accreditation visit, you may be ready for the Assurance of Learning Seminar II.

To participate in this seminar, you need to have taken the Assurance of Learning Seminar I. While the first seminar leads you step by step through the entire process, the second seminar delves deeper into the strategies that will help you improve your current AoL plan and overcome the challenges you discover along the way.

Furthermore, this seminar will focus on how to collect and analyze the data from your AoL system to effectively close the loop and how to prepare for your next peer review team visit. You will also have the opportunity to review real-world examples from your region. Register for this seminar when you are ready to take your school’s Assurance of Learning to the next level.

Learning Outcomes

The seminar will focus on three key questions:

  • How can your school manage AoL data and effectively use it to continuously improve students’ learning and close the loop and document it?
  • How can your school build a mature AoL system in which faculty and other stakeholders are engaged in continuously improving students’ learning?
  • What are the important factors in implementing a sustainable AoL system to continuously improve students’ learning?

Who Should Attend

Faculty, department chairs, deans, associate and assistant deans who have a solid, working knowledge of AoL procedures or have a program assessment plan in place with at least one/two cycles of data collected. If you have not attended the Assurance of Learning Seminar I, we strongly recommend that you do so prior to attending the Assurance of Learning Seminar II.

AoL Knowledge Quiz

Should you attend the Assurance of Learning Seminar I or the Assurance of Learning Seminar II? Think of the two seminars as level one and level two respectively. Test your knowledge with this short survey: AoL Background Knowledge Test.

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