Online Continuous Improvement Review Seminar

January 14 – February 25, 2019 | Online

Online Continuous Improvement Review Seminar

January 14–February 25, 2019 | Online via Blackboard® 

This seminar is for participants from schools that have already earned AACSB Accreditation. The continuous improvement review (CIR) process is forward-looking and designed to help business schools sustain overall high quality by achieving their mission and strategic goals. In the CIR process, we expect schools to continuously show actions toward improving quality from one five-year cycle to the next and report on actions taken to address issues raised during the prior peer review team (PRT) visit.

Accordingly, the Online CIR Seminar prepares deans, staff, and faculty at AACSB-accredited schools to maximize the benefits of the process for their schools. Participants learn about the AACSB CIR philosophy, standards, and processes—taking away applications and insights for evaluating criteria, preparing reports, navigating each step, and working with AACSB staff in the process. The seminar will enable participants to examine their school’s strength relative to engagement, innovation, and impact. Additionally, the seminar assists participants in developing a network of supportive peers.

Registrants can complete modules at their own pace and have the opportunity to join live sessions throughout the length of the program for questions and answers (Q&A) and reflective exercises.

Total time to attend: Course will take up to six weeks with an additional 30 days to access course materials. Average of 10 to 12 hours spent toward seminar completion.

Who should attend: Accredited members, members whose CIR visit is coming up in the next three years.

Who is best suited for the online format of this seminar: Faculty leader, accreditation coordinator, or general support person whose learning style is self-paced/self-managed, and can devote the necessary time to complete the course.

If the online format of this seminar is not the right fit for you, please see upcoming offerings for the in-person CIR Seminar.

Five Reasons To Attend the Online Continuous Improvement Review Seminar

1  Move at your own pace through the curriculum 
2  Attend optional live sessions with accreditation liaisons
3  Connect with a cohort of peers in discussion boards
4  Plan for your CIR visit with possible report outcomes and common issues
5  View the CIR philosophy through the lens of your school’s mission

Learning Objectives

As a result of participating in this seminar, participants will:

  • Understand how the AACSB continuous improvement review process and standards can be used by schools to maintain high quality while achieving their mission and strategic objectives
  • Be able to support school-wide continuous improvement review activities, including internal systems and peer reviewer engagements—and do so sustainably
  • Begin to examine their schools through the lens of engagement, innovation, and impact, identifying opportunities to further develop in these three areas
  • Build a peer support network

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