Global Accreditation Conference

Learn about the 2020 Business Accreditation Standards

Global Accreditation Conference

September 22–25, 2020

Networking Community Meetings

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

05:45 a.m.–06:45 a.m.
Eastern Daylight Time

Click here to access the AACSB Networking Community Meetings on September 22Please note each meeting will be accessible five minutes before the session start time.

Online Learning Affinity Group Meeting

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The University ecosystem – online

This session will discuss the University ecosystem online. Following a 10-minute opening, the group will breakout in discussions covering the topics of: teaching and learning online; assessment online; student support online; and the inclusive and diverse university online.

Session Facilitator:  Lucian Tipi, Head of Teaching and Learning Enhancement, College of Business, Technology and Engineering, Sheffield Hallam University

Responsible Management Affinity Group Meeting

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Using Mission to Drive SDG Activity and Reporting 

In reporting sustainability activity, business schools typically list all SDGs and what they are doing with regard to each goal. While this is a comprehensive approach, a mission-driven approach could be more impactful. The goal of this session is to explore the benefits of a mission-driven approach to determine which SDGs are most central to the school’s distinctive mission, and using this to set SDG-related strategic goals and assessment. Additionally, mapping strategically important SDGs across business schools could strengthen collaboration on selected  goals to increase impact, as well as identify areas that need further attention.

Session leaders:

Manuela Brusoni, Associate Professor of Practice,Director of Accreditation and Sustainability,SDA Bocconi School of Management
Angelica Orfino, Junior Accreditation Manager, Rankings and Accreditation, SDA Bocconi School of Management
Maria Errico, Data Analyst - Rankings and Accreditation, SDA Bocconi School of Management
Cathy L. Z. DuBois, Associate Dean, College of Business Administration, Kent State University

09:00 a.m.–09:55 a.m.
Eastern Daylight Time

Associate Deans Affinity Group Meeting

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Preparing For and Hosting a Virtual Accreditation Visit

In this new world we are learning to do things in new ways, which includes hosting a Peer Review Team (PRT).  As we move into the ‘new normal,’ traditional face-to-face PRT visits may become the exception rather than the norm.

This interactive session will share some experiences of preparing for and hosting a virtual PRT and provide an opportunity for members of the Affinity Group to discuss the challenges and opportunities this form of visit provides.  The panel will include leaders prepared for a virtual PRT and those who recently experienced a virtual PRT.

Latin America & Caribbean Regional Network Meeting

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The Latin America and Caribbean Regional Network will welcome AACSB CEO Caryn Beck-Dudley. Also on the agenda are discussions on the results of the recently celebrated Webinar Series and agenda for future events, including the development of new strategies for research projects in the region, collaborations between regional schools and strategies to enhance student and faculty mobility in Latin American schools. The group will also analyze strategies to improve the use of the AACSB LATAM Regional Network as a communication tool and set forth plans for leadership succession.

Session Speakers:

Mónica López-Siebien, Dean at CETYS University
Sara Marín Zapata, International Accreditations Coordinator, Universidad EAFIT
Caryn Beck-Dudley, President and CEO, AACSB
Valeria Bustamante, Continuous Improvement Coordinator, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana de Cali calle

New Deans Learning Community Affinity Group Meeting

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The jury – or, in the case of higher education, multiple overlapping juries with different definitions of success – is still out on every higher education leader in the country. In an America engaged in a fiery debate over the relative importance of lives and livelihoods, every single decision falls somewhere in the range between calculated risk and outright guess. In such an environment, how do leaders navigate their duties and still be positioned to continue on a positive career trajectory?  How can someone hope to promulgate a career when there are no constants, only variables, and no right answer to any leadership calculation? Please join the New Deans Learning Affinity Group as we engage with WittKieffer Senior Partner, Dennis Barden, in a lively consideration of courageous leadership during times of crisis.

Session Speaker:

Dennis Barden, Senior Partner, WittKiefferSession


Shanan Gibson, Dean, David B. O'Maley College of Business, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Paul Schwager, Dean, College of Business, East Carolina University

10:00 a.m.–10:55 a.m.
Eastern Daylight Time

Metropolitan Business Schools Affinity Group Meeting

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The Metropolitan Business School Affinity Group will be hosting a panel of AACSB Metropolitan Business School leaders who will be discussing Observations, Summer/Fall Reflections, and Opportunities ahead in the COVID-19 era and beyond. Topics of interest will include enrollment, assessment, fundraising, and evaluating institutional impact. This Panel presentation includes networking, discusses unexpected challenges, creative solutions, and "lessons learned" during these unique times. Business School thought-leaders, assessment gurus, and fundraisers should certainly attend.


Dr. Karen Sedatole, Dean, Goizueta Business School, Emory University
Dr. Alex Sevilla, Associate Dean & Director, Heavener School of Business, Warrington College of Business, University of Florida
Dr. Simon J. Sheather, Dean, Gatton College of Business and Economics, University of Kentucky
Dr. Raghu Tadepalli, Dean, Martha and Spencer Love School of Business, Elon University

Women Administrators In Management Education Affinity Group Meeting

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Preparing for the Next Step in Your Careers

No matter what your current title, there’s probably some new administrative challenge ahead!  How can you be ready when you’re either asked to step into a new role or decide you need to make a change?  Join Lucy Leske of WittKieffer to get insights from a search consultant’s perspective on this question.

Session Speaker:

Lucy Leske, Senior Partner, Education Practice, WittKiefferSession


Lynne Richardson, Dean, College of Business, University of Mary Washington
Christy Weer, Dean, Perdue School of Business, Salisbury University

11:00 a.m.–11:55 a.m.
Eastern Daylight Time

Diversity and Inclusion Affinity Group Meeting

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Black Lives Matter in the Business School

In the last few months we have experienced heightened awareness of the climate of racial injustice both in the US and internationally. This panel session will help participants:

  • Understand what the Black Lives Matter movement means to society and academia
  • Identify how the Black Lives Matter movement is relevant to our work as business educators and to stakeholders from different backgrounds
  • Explore possible actions to help improve racial justice and inclusion at business schools


Dr. Linda Oubre is President at Whittier College
Dr. Donna Maria Blancero is Provost at Bentley University
Dr. Jeanne Arnold is Chief Diversity Officer at Gettysburg College


Dr. J. Goosby Smith is an Associate Professor of Leadership, Associate Professor of Management, and Assistant Provost for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at The Citadel

Small Schools Network Affinity Group Meeting

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Incorporating Applied Learning into the Business Curriculum

The use of applied learning techniques such as student consulting projects represent an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the relevance of business curriculum, increase schools’ involvement with corporations/organizations, build faculty engagement, test innovative solutions to business challenges, and ultimately measurable impact for students, faculty and the organizations involved. Building this as part of the curriculum can, however, be difficult at the start.  This session will include a group of panelists who will share their success stories and the innovative ways in which they have incorporated student consulting projects within the classroom. Participants will be able to discuss panelists’ insights as well as their own experiences in small groups. As a result, participants will take away best practices in applied learning and ideas to incorporate student consulting projects into their business curriculum.

Session Facilitators:

Kristin Backhaus, Dean, SUNY New Paltz
Roberto Curci, Vice Provost and Dean, Dominican University
Hari Rajagopalan, Dean, Francis Marion University