Europe, Middle East, and Africa Annual Conference

14–16 October 2019 | Krakow, Poland

Europe, Middle East, and Africa Annual Conference

14–16 October 2019 | Krakow, Poland

Europe, Middle East, and Africa Annual Conference

14–16 October 2019 | Krakow, Poland

Affinity Group Meetings

The following Affinity Groups will meet in conjunction with the 2019 AACSB Europe, Middle East, and Africa Annual Conference in Krakow, Poland.  Please check back for updates.

ATTENTION: Pre-registration is REQUIRED to guarantee your participation at this event. Any remaining space after pre-registration closes will be granted on a first come, first served basis. Registration is free unless otherwise noted. 

Monday, 14 October, 2019

Responsible Management Education Affinity Group Meeting

   13:30 - 15:00: Location TBD

The AACSB Responsible Managmement Education Affinity Group consists of management educators committed to advancing sustainability, corporate responsibility, social entrepreneurship and innovation, the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI), and the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME).

As key actors in a civil society business schools are expected to provide solutions to societal challenges and to give back to the community in which they operate. Consequently, the schools find themselves in a transition space between the reputational norms and a changing set of stakeholder expectations. This session discuss the role of new initiatives such as the Positive Impact Rating (PIR), the Responsible Research in Business and Management (RRBM) and the Sustainability Literacy Test (SULI Test), which provide guidance to business schools’ impact in the society at large. The session will also propose interventions and better practices which business schools may take into consideration to change into management research for societal benefit.

Marie-Laure Berneteix, International Accreditations Manager, Kedge Business School, France
Mathias Falkenstein, Executive Policy Adviser, and Chief Executive Officer, Higher Education Management Group, LUISS Guido Carli University, Italy
Stephanie Bryant, Executive Vice President and Chief Accreditation Officer, AACSB International


About Sulitest

About RRBM:

About Positive Impact Rating: Download PDF

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European Regional Network Meeting

   15:30 - 17:00: Londyn 1

The AACSB European Regional Network consists of individuals from AACSB-accredited and member organizations that are located in Europe. 

This session will look into the proposed new 2020 standards and identify what opportunities and challenges they might entail for our schools. Presenters will examine the new standards from various angles and highlight the most notable changes in the European context.

Issues might include:

  • New standards and their implications for the brands of business schools and the AACSB
  • New standards and the issue of data handling and protection
  • What’s new for Assurance of Learning?
  • New standards & faculty qualification
  • New standards: potential stumbling blocks for European schools
Susanne Lichtmannegger, Head, International Relations, MCI Management Center, Innsbruck, Austria
Sauli Sohlo, Deputy Director, University of Oulu, Finland
Lena M Candries, Director International Relations & Development, University of Antwerp, Belgium

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Middle East and North Africa Regional Network Meeting

   15:30 - 17:00: Londyn 2

Creativity, Impact and Attractiveness of Academic Degrees in MENA

In today’s global and changing environment, business schools around the world are constantly required to be dynamic, creative, adaptive and transformative to cater to the changing needs of the marketplace when it comes to business and management education. In this session, the presenters will discuss the case in the MENA region and the importance of regularly reviewing and assessing the different academic degrees offered to keep pace with the changes taking place both regionally and globally and how frequent and effective business schools in the region integrate invaluable elements including but not limited to the notion of the future of work, experiential learning and critical thinking into their curricula. Furthermore, the presenters will invite the participants of the session to share their different experiences from across the region on what needs to be done so that the academic degrees offered by the business schools from the MENA region be more attractive to regional and international students in specific and more impactful to the society at large.

Presenter: Dr. Thami Ghorfi, Dean at ESCA Ecole de Management, Morocco
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