Innovations in Business Schools

29–31 October 2018 | Nagoya, Japan

Asia Pacific
Annual Conference

29–31 October 2018 | Nagoya, Japan

Plenary Speakers

Plenary I: Transformation Toward Design Driven Institutions.

YurikoSawataniYuriko Sawatani, Professor, Graduate School of Management, NUCB Business School, Director, Center for Entrepreneurship, and CEO, Design for ALL, Future Creation-by-Design Thinking

Dr. Yuriko Sawatani is a professor at Nagoya University of Commerce and Business, and Director at Entrepreneurship center. She received her Ph.D. at The University of Tokyo. She joined IBM, software research and development. After working at IBM's R&D strategy, she moved to IBM research as a strategist of personal systems. She was assigned to research strategy at IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, and started service research since 2005 by leading On Demand Innovation Services. She was appointed to a fellow at Japan Science and Technology Agency, and established service science research in Japan. She joined Waseda University as a professor in 2013, and had lectures at several universities, including Tokyo Institute of Technology. She wrote a book about service science and papers on service research management. She is active at service science communities (INFORMS Service Science, Society for Serviceology, Frontiers in service, Human Side of Service Engineerings(HSSE)) and R&D management. Main books: Global Perspectives on Service Science: Japan(Springer), Serviceology for Designing the Future(Springer). blog:

HidekiShibataHideki Shibata, Senior Design Manager, IBM Japan

Eiki Shibata is a Senior Design Manager of creative & design in IBM iX Japan and is responsible for the IBM Design Thinking Chapter Leader at IBM Japan. Since joining IBM, he is supporting many clients with services and products through the IBM Design Thinking approach as an expert. Moreover, he makes the IBM Design Thinking method available to clients. He published a book "IBM's Thinking and Design" in 2016.


Plenary II: Design Thinking

KenichiNonomuraKenichi Nonomura, Director, Business Design and Development, IDEO Tokyo

Kenichi is the Director of Business Design and Development at IDEO Tokyo. His focus is to bridge creativity with business, and using the combination to generate successful change and innovation. Currently, Kenichi’s focus is around growing and developing IDEO Tokyo’s business. Kenichi meets organizations every year to explore various ways that IDEO may collaborate with them to create greater impact. With a passion in venture design, Kenichi is also helping create new offerings to help startups and entrepreneurs in Japan. Prior to joining IDEO, Kenichi worked as a Country Manager at Toyota Motor Corporation’s headquarters in Japan where he was in charge of Toyota’s product portfolio, pricing, supply and demand, and public relations in multiple Latin American countries. Kenichi holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, US, and a BA in Policy Management from Keio University, Japan. A globe trotter, Kenichi has lived in London, New York, Boston, and Singapore.