Bridge Program

This unique program has helped highly accomplished business executives prepare for academic roles by providing best practices, peer-to-peer practice and feedback, lectures, individual applications, and individual reflections.

Day One through Day Four: 9:00 AM – 5:00PM with 1 hour for lunch (Optional: A 30-minute lunch break and 30-minute session with the Bridge Faculty for Q/A and/or consult on Capstone Event). 30 minutes break time over the course of each day.

Day Five is 9:00 AM-2:00 PM with a flexible lunch break featuring a box lunch and 20 minutes of break time over the course of the partial day.

Program Agenda

Welcome Event

  • Overview of week ahead
  • Introductions
  • Ground Rules and Expectations
  • Review of Bridge Materials
  • First Team Activity: Motivation for Teaching Slogan and Logo with Presentation

Overview of Capstone Event on Day Five


Module 1: Getting Started

  • Who Are Your Learners?
  • Beginning with the End in Mind
  • Using Learner Centered Methods
  • Creating Course Learning Objectives
  • Adult Learning Principles
  • Meeting Diverse Learner's Needs: Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity
  • Keeping Content and Learners' Emotions in Mind

Module 2:The Teacher-Student Learning Pact

  • The Syllabus
  • Setting Expectations and Policies
  • Accessing Textbook Bonanza
  • Selecting Additional Course Materials
  • Assessing, Evaluating, and Grading Systems
  • Creating a Course Outline
  • Considering a Lesson Plan
  • Creating Engaging and Brain-Friendly Slide Decks
  • Syllabus and Course Outline Workshop

Module 3: Active Learning and Engagement

  • Hints: Student Management Techniques
  • Hints: Ways to Facilitate Discussion
  • Hints: Facilitating a Structured Activity
  • Hint: Adapting to a Virtual and Hybrid Classroom
  • Running a Learner-Centered, Brain Friendly, Active Learning Experience
  • Aligning Learning Experiences
  • Capstone Event Preparation and Coaching Workshop

Module 4: Strategies and Tools for Assessing and Evaluating

  • Grading Philosophy and Professional Practices
  • Authentic Assessment
  • Testing and Graded Evaluations
  • Evaluating by Writing Insightful Testing Materials
  • Creating and Taking a Test
  • Giving Feedback on Test Questions for a Colleague
  • Giving Learner-Centered Feedback that Evaluates and Teaches
  • Capstone Event Preparation and Coaching Workshop

Capstone Event

  • Breakout Groups.Each participant
  • 5 minutes to setup
  • 15 minutes to teach
  • 10 minutes for oral feedback with feedback sheets to also fill out and give to each teacher
  • 30 mins total per teacher


  • Wrap-up and Feedback
  • AACSB Ongoing Partnership and Closing Remarks

End of Program