Preparing Business Leaders for a Changing World

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November 1
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Preparing Business Leaders for a Changing World
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This webinar will take place from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

The world is transforming faster than ever before, and we need leaders with the skills to tackle new challenges. AACSB and Ashoka have come together to identify the competencies that are essential for business school graduates to lead.

Ashoka is a leader in identifying the competencies of changemakers: people, of all ages and backgrounds, who bring about lasting and positive change. AACSB’s research focuses on Societal Impact Leaders: those who can reinvent business and solve society’s challenges. These competencies, once incorporated into curriculum, will lead students to create positive impact, navigate complex problems, and contribute to a better world.

The webinar will identify changing needs in the workplace and the role of business schools in preparing leaders for the future. Panelists from business and business education will share the skills needed for success, and changes that schools need to make to address business needs.

We invite you to join us in shaping the future.

Webinar Objectives

  • Understand the accelerating rate of change in business.
  • Explore the desired future state of business schools and the ecosystems within which they operate.
  • Discuss the future state of business and the leadership skills needed for success.
  • Share the top skills lacking from leaders from business executives.
  • Hear from a business school on how they successfully address changing leadership needs.

Webinar Facilitators

Nicholas Igneri, Senior Vice President and Global Chief Product Officer, AACSB International

As global chief product officer, Nicholas Igneri leads the strategic direction for learning and development, data, and product innovation. He brings over 20 years of senior executive experience to AACSB. Previously, Igneri served as senior vice president of education for the American Management Association International (AMA), where he led the strategic direction of educational content distributed in classroom, virtual classroom, and on-demand modalities. In addition, Igneri led the direction and strategy for AMA’s learning technology ecosystem, including the learning management system and the synchronous learning, evaluation, and support platforms. He also led the customer experience strategy at AMA. More recently, Igneri led the research and development of a new Certification in Management. He holds a BS in psychology and computer science from SUNY Cortland and an MA in industrial psychology and organizational development from Brooklyn College.

Heather_MacCleoudHeather MacCleoud, Chief Network Officer, Ashoka

Heather MacCleoud has been developing international partnerships to address complex, interconnected global issues for 20 years. With a focus on higher education, she has created strategic opportunities for international engagement and collaboration in service of sustainable and inclusive development. She currently leads Ashoka’s global higher education strategy including oversight of the Ashoka UChangemaker Campus designation and network. MacCleoud works closely with individuals, organizations, associations, and government entities to leverage the higher education sector and create a world where solutions outrun problems – a world where Everyone is a Changemaker.MacCleoud received her PhD in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis from the University of Missouri.