Americas Accreditation Conference

Conference location: Atlanta, Georgia
September 13​ – 15​
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Americas Accreditation Conference
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This is an opportunity to ask AACSB staff general accreditation or membership questions you may have.
Learn more about Data Direct and talk to our experts to see what resources are available to you.
Interact with our exhibitors to learn more about products and services that can help your organization.
If you have questions about membership, the accreditation process, or how to become a volunteer, this session is for you! AACSB staff will take you through the AACSB Accreditation process and will highlight new member initiatives and events.
This session will focus on discussing the key points from the recently released annual update to the Interpretive Guidance. Topics may include details around scholarly academics (What is a scholarly academic? Do they need PRJs?) and the continuous development of online programs/ microcredentials (How do you assure online courses? Understanding how to properly package microcredential offerings through the institution or through an OPM provider; Ensuring that virtual instruction is engaging; Understanding government limitations).
Reconnect with old friends, make new ones, and network with the exhibitors. Relax and enjoy the company of your colleagues before the conference gets underway.
Learn more about Data Direct and talk to our experts to see what resources are available to you.
Interact with our exhibitors to learn more about products and services that can help your organization.
Join this session to learn more about AACSB’s supplemental accounting accreditation for schools interested in an elevated quality assurance system for their accounting programs.
If you have an upcoming Continuous Improvement Review visit, this session is for you! Presenters will share planning and visit execution strategies that will lead to a well-coordinated and smooth visit. The session will highlight differences of an in-person and virtual visit.
If you have an upcoming Initial Accreditation visit in the next two years, this session is for you! We invite you to bring questions related to the initial accreditation process, and we will discuss how to prepare for a visit, how to manage a visit, and what to do when the unexpected happens.
For many institutions teaching large classes is necessary due to the teaching resources available. Large classrooms and masses of students can feel daunting and make innovation in the classroom feel impossible. In this session presenters will share best practices for creating and effectively managing mass lectures. They will share how to successfully bring active learning and inclusive teaching to large numbers of students, while feeling that a positive impact is being made.
Today’s fast moving technology environment requires faculty to upskill and reskill even faster than ever. How does a school develop an action plan for identifying where this is needed and how to provide appropriate resources? This session will share how to look at the process of upskilling/ reskilling faculty as an investment and not an expense.
Set your b-school up for success by learning how to identify potential pitfalls. This session is in correlation with Standard 1 and will focus on the various aspects of risk analysis, including strategies, and the role of stakeholders in assessing risk. Presenters will share best practices for processes to conduct a formal risk analysis to identify and mitigate major risks.
Learn more about Data Direct and talk to our experts to see what resources are available to you.
Interact with our exhibitors to learn more about products and services that can help your organization.
In this session, learn the ins and outs of societal impact and how to build a framework for your institution. Understand how an institution can ensure staff/ faculty are aligned with impact efforts, how to demonstrate impact, and share that story with stakeholders. Presenters will share how societal impact is anchored in their mission, strategy, curriculum, and intellectual contributions.
AACSB views diversity through a global lens and recognizes the unique cultural, ethnic, religious, political, legal, demographic, and socioeconomic factors in every region, country, and territory. Join this session to hear global perspectives on how b-schools are approaching DEIB issues. Presenters will share best practices for reporting on DEIB efforts/initiatives, as well as how to be inclusive in curriculum and in pedagogy.
Learn how to manage accreditation expectations and needs at your institution. Presenters will share various ways to manage and meet accreditation expectations through dedicated staff/faculty, task forces, etc. Understand the different school and governance model possibilities for overseeing accreditation related tasks/ the accreditation process.
Implementing indirect measures within the school’s portfolio can be a challenging task. In this session presenters will explore different types of indirect measures in relation to closing the loop. Presenters will share a specific approach to driving continuous programmatic improvement through the exploration of learning analytics. The session will discuss the planned metrics, and the process for reflection and improvement.
What does it mean to be a thought leader? Schools will share examples of thought leadership in the business school context. Hear how different schools determine what counts as an intellectual contribution and the process that schools undertook to identify areas of thought leadership.  
This session will help you fully grasp Standard 3 and the various definitions of faculty classifications, including the scholarly academic. Business schools will share examples of how they are creatively deploying faculty.
Join this session to hear from schools who made it through a difficult initial accreditation journey. Learn what the main challenges were, and they navigated those challenges.
AACSB volunteers share their experiences and feedback on what makes a great visit, as well as highlight what not to do on a visit. Examples of what works on a visit and what does not work well on a visit. 
Learn more about Data Direct and talk to our experts to see what resources are available to you.
Interact with our exhibitors to learn more about products and services that can help your organization.
See how AACSB’s advocacy and thought leadership initiatives are advancing the value of business education worldwide. Learn how to market AACSB accreditation to promote your school brand and share your unique mission and story.
Presenters will take a deep dive into Standard 6 and share innovative ways to ensure student success. Key elements shared will include student coaching models, strategies for increasing graduation and retention rates, ways to highlight post-graduate success, as well as effective tools and strategies for gathering the data.
In this session hear best practices on how schools are quantitatively and qualitatively evaluating the impacts of their organizations. Gain a deeper understanding of the metrics for measuring societal impact.
Strategy touches every staff and faculty member and is an actionable way to reach your organization’s goals. This session will help you define strategic planning and understand why it is imperative at your b-school. Learn how to apply different strategic planning methods in a business school setting.
Session will focus on the state of accreditation; understand what you need to know going forward; highlight of things on the horizon; Topics may include innovative ways content will be delivered in the future and how is it aligned with the Standards 
Not all forms of diversity are well represented in business curriculum and not all business disciplines have an equally wide range of options. In seems that business school teaching material has not kept up with the changing workplace. To help remedy this situation Providence College School of Business and The PhD Project initiated a two-session virtual case writing workshop in 2021. Participants heard from leading journal editors about sourcing ideas and material for cases, insights on case publishing, and the importance of case teaching notes. In addition, an interactive case “hackathon” helped participants flesh out case ideas and project plans for writing and submitting a case for publication in a peer-reviewed journal in 2022.
In this session, the speakers will share insights from members of the PhD Project about the recruitment and retention of underrepresented professors in U.S. business schools. The presentation will include the results of a recent survey, as well as key takeaways from research and scholarship on this topic. The session will wrap up with recommendations for recruitment and retention support for business schools seeking a more diverse faculty body.