South Africa

Profile Contributors

China Agricultural University

David Louton
Bryant University


Eon Smit
University of Stellenbosch

Andre Roux
University of Stellenbosch

Country Context/Environment

> Cultural Attributes
> National Holidays
> Context of Higher Education
> Challenges/Opportunities
> Relevant, Unique Aspects of Context/Environment
> Common Faculty Models

Higher/Management Education Sector

> Glossary of Institution Types
> Award Types - Undergraduate Studies
> Award Types - Graduate/Postgraduate Studies
> Award Types - Doctoral Studies

Higher Education Regulation and Quality Assurance

Educational Authority Type: Centralized

> Higher Education Regulation
> Recent or Upcoming Structural Changes/Reforms

Internationalization of Higher Education

> Internationally Mobile Students
> Recognition of Foreign Qualifications
> Franchised/Validated and Joint/Dual-Degree Programs
> Foreign Branch Campuses
> Signatory to International Higher Education Accord

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