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Country Context/Environment

> Cultural Attributes
> National Holidays
> Context of Higher Education
> Challenges/Opportunities
> Relevant, Unique Aspects of Context/Environment

Higher/Management Education Sector

> Glossary of Institution Types
> Award Types - General Information
> Award Types - First and Second Cycle (Bachelors and Masters)
> Award Types - Doctoral

Higher Education Regulation and Quality Assurance

Educational Authority Type: Decentralized 
All institutions of higher education in Germany are either state or private (but state-recognized) institutions. In their operations, including the organization of studies and the designation and awarding of degrees, they are subject to higher education legislation. Public universities are governed by the States (with the exception of Universities of the Armed Forces) and specific state laws for universities.

> Higher Education Regulation

> Recent or Upcoming Structural Changes/Reforms

Internationalization of Higher Education

> Internationally Mobile Students
> Recognition of Foreign Qualifications
> Franchised/Validated and Joint/Dual-Degree Programs
> Foreign Branch Campuses
> Signatory to International Higher Education Accord

Links to Additional Information

> UNESCO German Higher Education Profile

> World Education Service Country Profile

> ENIC - NARIC Germany Profile

> Eurydice Resources - Germany

> System of Education

Government Links

> Bavarian State Institute for Research and Planning into Higher Education

Working under the Bavarian Ministry of Education to Assist the Development of Higher Education and Conduct Research

> Bavarian State Ministry of Sciences, Research and the Arts

> Ministry of Education and Research

Educational Institutions

> Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training

> Higher Education Institutions
Searchable database of institutions in Germany; also includes higher education statistics by region.

> University Listings
Includes a listing of all government-approved institutions and courses offered, as well as a list of all doctoral study opportunities and a listing of international cooperation agreements between German and foreign institutions.

Accreditation Council (German & English)

Website contains links to all German accrediting agencies, listings of newly approved bachelor’s and master’s courses, as well as a background on the role of these new accrediting bodies in the "European Higher Education Area."

> German Rectors' Conference - The Quality Assurance Project
Mandated to enhance and coordinate communication, exchange of information, and the development of evaluation procedures and criteria in higher education on the national scale; coordination of national quality assurance initiatives toward Europe.

Professional Bodies

> Bund-Länder Commission for Educational Planning and Research Promotion (BLK) (In German; some information in English and French)
Joint commission for educational planning; forum for common education and research issues among the Länder

> Consortium of Higher Education Researchers

> European Confederation of Universities of the Upper Rhone (German, English, French)

> German Institute for International Educational Research

> German Rectors' Conference
Great source for information on legislation; international agreements; reports, publications and research; quality assurance ...

> Max-Planck-Institute for Human Development and Education
Major research institute in education and human development. News, research findings, publications, etc.

> Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs
Ministers and senators of the Länder responsible for education, higher education and research as well as cultural affairs.

Bologna Process

> Bologna Process National Report 2005
Report presented at the Bergen Ministerial Meeting on the implementation of the Bologna Process in the country

> WENR-Bologna Country Update
Updates in terms of the structural, legislative and institutional changes that have been implemented in Germany's efforts to comply with the reforms called for in the Bologna Declaration.

Information for International Students

> Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation
Provides fellowships for study in Germany

> Anabin (German)
Provides information about the recognition of foreign academic credentials.

>Campus Germany
Helping to promote German education abroad under the “Joint Initiative for the Promotion of Study, Research and Training in Germany." News, views and practical information.

> Deutsch Kultur International
Promoting international exchange and opportunities including a wealth of information on schools, training, language, the arts and academics.

> Fulbright Commission
Provides information on educational exchange between the U.S. and Germany

> German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
An excellent source for information on German education in the international arena, or study opportunities in the country.

> IIE Passport: Germany
Information on studying and living in Germany.

Additional Links

> German Education Server
A comprehensive internet guide to German education related information on the Internet.

> WENR- Berufsakademien, Neither Here Nor There?

German Higher or Management Education Media Sources

> Zeitschrift „die hochschule“

> Deutsche Universitätszeitung

> Forschung und Lehre

German Government Agency Statistics

> Federal statistical office: Education, Research, Culture