Recognition of Foreign Qualifications

Relevant Legal Structure

Australia has a long established system of qualifications recognition and is party to the UNESCO Lisbon Recognition Convention and Asia Pacific Recognition Convention (or Tokyo Convention). Many organisations assess overseas qualifications in Australia, and which one depends on the reason for the assessment. To study in Australia, potential students need to contact the education institution where they intend to study.

The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) has advantages for international students as the qualification titles are the same throughout Australia making course searches more meaningful and simpler. In addition, international students who complete a qualification within the AQF are also able to understand the entry requirements for higher qualifications — if they want to progress from undergraduate to postgraduate study, for example.

Institutional Support Available

Each higher education provider assesses overseas qualifications for admission to study. Prior study at a recognised institution outside of Australia may earn credits towards the proposed course of study in Australia, were the prior study undertaken is relevant and at an appropriate level.


The Department of Education and Training International Group has developed Memoranda of Understanding with 23 different countries which includes recognition of qualifications and credit transfer, as well as other collaborative activities.