Glossary of Institution Types

Higher education providers listed on the National Register of Higher Education Providers as of May 2015 were as follows1:

  • Universities** (Total 43); 40 Australian*; 2 international; 1 private speciality
  • Non-Universities (Total 130)
  • Pathway Colleges (13)2
  • For Profit Colleges (52)
  • Not for profit



Across the registered higher education providers listed above, 90% of all students, domestic and international, are enrolled in universities, as of 2013.1

The term “university” is protected under Australian corporation’s law which requires government approval for use of “university” in a business name.

**Universities on the TEQSA National Register of higher education providers as of 12 July 2016 were:

The Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency (TEQSA) is responsible for registration and re-registration of higher education providers on the National Register of Higher Education Providers. TEQSA’s regulatory approach is standards and risk-based and ensures that resources are directed to areas of higher risk based on validated, quality intelligence about a provider. All universities are self- accrediting along with a few non-universities. Providers who self-accredit some or all of their higher education courses are accountable for ensuring that compliance across the Australian Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards) are sustained throughout their higher education operations.