Common Faculty Models

    • Faculty Demographics/Trends:
      • Aging academic workforce could lead to staffing shortages in the future
      • Recruitment and retention of high quality academic staff is an increasing challenge
      • 55.6% of the academic workforce are male
    • Typical Qualifications Expected of New Hires:
      • Doctoral qualification is the norm for a new continuing (tenured) appointments
      • Appointment without a doctoral qualification is seen as appropriate where the appointee is nearing completion of their doctoral qualification and the appointment is at the Associate Lecture level (Level A in Australia), or the appointment is related to a discipline area that has only recently introduced doctoral qualifications.
    • Contractual Systems/Administrative Structures:
      • The majority of academic staff are appointed on continuing or fixed term contracts (for a full 12 months)
      • Academics can be appointed as an Associate Lecturer, Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor or Professor and are eligible to apply for proportion through their working life
    • Typical Compensation Practices:
      • Salaries for continuing and fixed term academics are quite comparable across universities and staff are paid for the full contact period
      • Salary supplementation is not the norm; academics are paid for the full contract duration (eg where an academic is given a contract for a full-time 12 month appointment, they are paid for 52 weeks). Academic staff who are strong research performers or in senior leadership roles are more likely to receive the salary supplementation of 10% but not usually higher than 30%




    Australian Universities fund their activities from a range of sources. They attract government funding for the services they provide, as well as receiving funding privately from students (in the form of tuition fees), from firms (in the form of funding for research activity in various forms) and from other benefactors (in the form of donations, endowments, bequests etc.).