AACSB Invites Business Schools to Submit Their 'Innovations That Inspire’

Posted October 15, 2015 by Amy Ponzillo - Senior Manager, Public Relations - AACSB International

Innovations That Inspire banner

A century of AACSB denotes 100 years of quality in the management education industry. It represents a century of dedicated men and women, whose groundbreaking ideas have helped shape generations of thought, principle, and practice. This year, as AACSB celebrates its centennial, it is time to acknowledge and bring the spotlight to business schools that stand out as champions of change across the management education landscape. As we envision the future for business schools, we seek examples that inspire new ways of thinking and doing. And to do so, we need your help.

Today, AACSB officially launched Innovations That Inspire to showcase both the continuous advances and the ingenuity of business schools from around the world and inspire others to try something new.

Share Your Innovations That Inspire 

AACSB invites all business schools to share ways in which they have challenged their status quo through an innovation that has made an impact on their school, students, community, or management education.

To assist you in thinking broadly about the types of innovations that might inspire others, consider the following four areas of business school activities:

  • The Way We Create: Research and Scholarship
  • The Way We Teach: Pedagogy and Learning
  • The Way We Connect: Outreach and Engagement
  • The Way We Lead: Strategy and Administration

Submission Process

Submissions will be received electronically through November 15, 2015, via AACSB’s DataDirect system. Up to two submissions per institution will be accepted. 

As with other initiatives distributed via DataDirect, only the official AACSB primary representative has access to the submission link. Should you wish for a staff member to submit your institution’s Innovation, please do not give them your personal login information. Instead, log in yourself, click Administration, and use the User Setup page to give them the Innovations That Inspire role. For questions about the submission process, please contact the DataDirect team at datadirect@aacsb.edu

Recognizing Innovations

The collection of innovations from schools around the world will be made available for all AACSB members to access and explore through DataDirect. In addition, a selection of the most inspirational innovations will be highlighted at AACSB’s Deans Conference in January 2016, in Miami, Florida, USA. Those highlighted, and others, will have the potential to be featured in later AACSB communication and social media channels, reports, and conferences.

Whether the impact of the innovation is incremental, monumental, or somewhere in between, we thank you for sharing your story and inspiring innovation within management education worldwide!