Karen Spens

Rector, Hanken School of Economics

Karen SpensKaren Spens is rector of Hanken School of Economics. She received her PhD from Hanken in 2001 and became professor of supply chain management and corporate geography in 2007. She has since held several administrative positions at Hanken. She has mainly taught supply chain management and has primarily published in the field of humanitarian logistics. 

In 2008, Spens co-founded an institute for humanitarian logistics with Defence University in Finland. Today, the HUMLOG Institute is one of the leading research institutes in the field of humanitarian logistics, with a broad network of industry partners, NGO partners, and universities. The Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management, now the premier journal in this field, was started at the institute, with Spens as a co-editor. She has been invited to the membership of the Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters.

Spens joined the board of AACSB in 2020. As of September 2021, she is also a member of the EQUIS Committee and serves as a trustee of AMBA & BGA’s international board.


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