Influential Leaders

AACSB Influential Leaders

2021 Influential Leaders

Zak Ammar
Founder and CEO, Vixster
April Anthony
CEO, Encompass Health - Home Health and Hospice
Carl Carande
U.S. Vice Chair, Advisory, KPMG LLP and Global Head of Advisory, KPMG International Limited
Alforde Charumbira
Co-Founder, Utando Social Impact Solutions
Micaela Connery
Co-Founder and CEO, The Kelsey
Christoph Findelsberger
Founder, e.V.
David Gribble
CEO, Constable Care Child Safety Foundation
Satish Gupta
CEO and President, SB International
Richard Harrison
CEO, Smart Power Myanmar
Kris Kolluri
President and CEO, Coopers Ferry Partnership
Michael Mader
Owner, Hippy Feet
Nengaswary Maniam
Research and Knowledge Exchange Manager, Coach and Subject Matter Expert, University of Nottingham Malaysia
Div Pillay
CEO and Co-Founder, MindTribes Pty Ltd
Lisa Rojas Bacus
President and CEO, Oro Vista Ventures and EVP and Global Chief Marketing Officer, Cigna (Retired)
Karimjonov Rustam
Deputy Minister of Public Education, Ministry of Public Education, Uzbekistan
Carlos Salazar-Lomelín
President, Business Coordinating Council of Mexico (CCE)
Etienne Salborn
Founder, SINA (Social Innovation Academy)
Jimmy Scavenius
Founder and CEO, Kwera
Hiba Shabrouq
Co-Founder, Ozwah
Bright Simons
Founder and President, mPedigree
Dee Anna Smith
CEO, Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute
Machiel van Dooren
Director, MADE BLUE Foundation
Gilles Vanderpooten
CEO and Author, Reporters d'Espoirs
Victoria Vásquez
Business Director, SOFOFA: Sociedad de Fomento Fabril
Safaath Ahmed Zahir
Founder and President , Women and Democracy Maldives