Conference Proposal Submission Instructions

IMPORTANT: In order to submit a proposal for revision, you will need a myAACSB account.

1. Select 'Submit a Proposal for Consideration'
NOTE: If you are not already logged in to your myAACSB account, you will be required to login before proceeding.

2. Enter a relevant Title

3. Choose the Conference at which you wish to submit your proposal from the dropdown menu (NOTE: Only the conferences that are currently accepting proposals will be shown in the dropdown menu)

4. Choose the Category that relates most to your proposal topic

5. Select 'Add Author' in the lower right-hand corner

  • Search for author by name, city, or state/territory
  • After you have selected the author, please be sure to choose 'leader' as author type
  • Check 'primary' 
  • Select 'Add this Author'

To add additional panelist(s) (optional):

  • Click 'Add Author' 
  • Search for author by name, city, or state/territory. If found, click on the person's name to continue the process. Please choose 'panelist' as author type
  • If not found, from the Author Search/Add page, click on the bottom + icon to add the panelist
  • You may use your browser back button if necessary
  • Click 'Save and Add' after all fields in bold are completed
  •  Repeat these steps to add each panelist. After all authors/panelists have been added, select 'Next' in the bottom right hand corner to proceed

6. If you are submitting an attachment with your proposal, please upload the file

7. Describe your topic for the session in a maximum of 250 words. In addition, describe your idea for an innovative session format that offers applicable and practical examples for attendees to implement at their institutions.

8. Add 3-5 practical takeaways/outcomes/solutions/""ah-ha" moments you will offer the attendees.

9. Select 'Save' to submit your proposal for review
(NOTE: After you select save, you will receive a confirmation screen. If you would like to make additional edits, you may do so by selecting the paintbrush icon to the right side of the screen under the submission details box.)

Please send your updated biographical information, to accompany your submission to:

> Submit a Proposal (Login Required)

Please Note: In an effort to promote diversity in perspective within the conference program, accepted offers may be limited to one author per proposal to allow for pairing with other proposals and/or best practice institutions.

The primary author will be notified of review status (accepted or declined) via email, by the conference response deadline.

Questions? Please contact Kaya Jill, manager, conferences at: