On-site Training for Accreditation Volunteers

Training is specified for each role. Deans, or similar positions, should attend the volunteer training, which covers mentor, peer reviewer and committee roles, due to their eligibility to serve in all capacities. Associate deans, or similar positions, which are eligible to mentor only, should attend the mentor training.

Training is free to attend, but does require a separate registration. For registration, click on the links below for scheduled training sessions.

Mentor Training

On-site mentor training is specifically designed for volunteers who wish to assist schools in preparing for initial accreditation. The training provides an overview of mentor responsibilities, as well as information related to the interaction with the applicant school. Areas of focus include a review of the scope of accreditation, the development and implementation stages of the self-evaluation report, and responses to the recommendations that may be provided by the accreditation committees. This training is often offered in conjunction with AACSB’s Associate Deans Conference.

Volunteer Training

Peer review on-site training is for individuals who are interested in assisting AACSB in its accreditation work by serving as a mentor, peer review team member, and/or accreditation committee member. The training provides an overview of the different volunteer responsibilities, discusses the philosophies behind the accreditation standards, and provides a detailed description of the accreditation process. The training should be seen as an overview and introduction to volunteer duties. The actual learning is done when the first assignment is accepted. This training is often offered in conjunction with other AACSB events and is specifically useful for deans (or similar positions) of AACSB-accredited school.

Upcoming Training Opportunities

Accreditation Volunteer Training (September 2017-Pittsburgh, PA)
Held in conjunction with the 2017 Annual Accreditation Conference

Accreditation Volunteer Training (October 2017-Philidelphia, PA)
Held in conjunction with the 2017 Middle Atlantic Association of Colleges of Business Association Meeting

Accreditation Volunteer Training (October 2017 - Providence, RI)
Held in conjunction with the 2017 Northeast Business Deans Association Meeting

Accreditation Mentor Volunteer Training (November 2017-New Orleans, LA)
Held in conjunction with the 2017 Associate Deans Conference

Accreditation Volunteer Training (February 2018-Las Vegas, Nevada)
Held in conjunction with the 2018 Deans Conference