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As standards and procedures change, the content of volunteer training will adapt accordingly. Additionally, keeping AACSB standards and processes readily in one’s mind aids in an optimal experience both for the volunteer and the school during an assignment. AACSB offers volunteer training on a continuing basis with the intent to capture both new and experienced volunteers.

In order to accommodate schedules and needs, AACSB offers both on-site and online formats for our volunteer training. Our ONSITE TRAINING, held predominantly in conjunction with AACSB conferences, is offered multiple times throughout the year at various locations worldwide. This in-person format allows for discussion, question and answer, and shared perspectives from participants.

Alternatively, we offer an ONLINE TRAINING that can be taken in lieu of the on-site format, if participation in the onsite version is not possible. Several volunteers also opt to utilize the online training as a refresher course after having taken the onsite version. We recommend taking a training annually for continual education and to stay up to date as volunteers serve in their various capacities.

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