Initial Accreditation Subcommittee Y

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The Initial Accreditation Committee (IAC) oversees the acceptance of eligibility applications, approves standard alignment plans, guides institutions in the implementation of the plans and oversees processes for initial business accreditation. The ultimate responsibility of the committee is to ensure consistency of standards application and equity of recommendations across teams and across programs reviewed.


The Initial Accreditation Committee (IAC) consists of between thirty-two and forty members half of who serve on each of the Committee's two operating subcommittees. The subcommittees are responsible for dealing with the accreditation caseload and each are headed by a co-chair and co-vice-chair. Each subcommittee is expected to meet two times per year. Meetings are to be appropriately distributed to facilitate timely feedback to applicant schools so as to facilitate school progress through the accreditation process.


Robert Dixon, Durham University

Vice Chair

Sarah Nutter, University of Oregon


Thomas Begley, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 
Barry Burgan, Bond University 
Jacob Chacko, Abu Dhabi University 
Pasu Decharin, Chulalongkorn University 
Elsa del Castillo Mory, Universidad del Pacífico 
Alice Guilhon, SKEMA Business School 
Mahendra Gupta, Washington University in St. Louis 
Nitham Hindi, Qatar University 
Michael Lee, Fu Jen Catholic University 
Moez Limayem, University of South Florida 
Rudy Martens, Universiteit Antwerpen 
Mitchell Muehsam, Sam Houston State University 
Matthew O'Connor, Quinnipiac University 
Ciaran O'Hogartaigh, University College Dublin 
Kay Palan, The University of Alabama 
Mostafa Sarhan, Savannah State University 
Kwei Tang, National Chengchi University 
Robina Xavier, Queensland University of Technology

Staff Liaison

Maria Baltar (