Accounting Accreditation Committee

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The Accounting Accreditation Committee (AAC) oversees initial accreditation and continuous improvement review processes to ensure consistency of standards application and equity of recommendations across teams and across programs reviewed.


AAC is composed of a minimum of 10 members and a maximum of 20 members, plus an AAC Chair and AAC Vice Chair appointed by the Vice Chair-Chair Elect (who shall preside as Board Chair during the year for which the appointments are made).

The AAC Chair is usually a dean (or chief officer) or Accounting School Director or unit head with a background in accounting or a current or previous accounting program administrator from an Organization with AACSB accounting accreditation. Normally, AAC representatives are members of Organizations with accounting accreditation. The majority are current or previous administrators of accounting programs; other members include deans (or chief officers) and non-educational members. Normally, AAC members serve staggered three-year terms, up to a maximum of two consecutive terms.  Normally, the AAC Chair serves two consecutive one-year terms.



Shawn Mauldin, Mississippi State University

Vice Chair

Brian McGuire, University of Southern Indiana


Frank Buckless, North Carolina State University 
Kevin Chen, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 
Donald Deis, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi 
Parveen Gupta, Lehigh University 
Susan Haka, Michigan State University 
Mark Higgins, Saint Louis University 
Yvonne Hinson, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) 
Mohamed Hussein, University of Connecticut 
Margaret O'Reilly-Allen, Rider University 
Marc Rubin, Farmer School of Business, Miami University 
Douglas Ziegenfuss, Old Dominion University

Staff Liaison

Maria Baltar (