Emerging Opportunities for Business Schools

Exploring business school opportunities related to purpose, products, and partnerships.

The objective research, constructive criticism, and thoughtful reflection of numerous organizations and individuals are shaping our understanding of the broader context for the emerging vision. Here, we aim to synthesize some of the major themes that are emerging, and to connect those interested in the visioning initiative with the sources to learn more.

Themes to Explore

    Collaborating With Other Disciplines
    Partnerships are emerging between the business school and other units on campus, in part, to address a wide range of social issues that are complex and multi-disciplinary in nature.

    New Program Development
    Due to an increasing range of skills required by business, the accelerating pace of change, and a need for continuing education, new programs have emerged.

    Intersection between Academe and Practice
    There is a gap between collegiate management education and practice. This has led to the creation of practice fields that are driven by expectations from organizations and facilitated by increasing access to assessments and content so that schools can focus on developing skills.

    Technology Leading to New Pedagogies
    Resulting from technology, there have been improvements in teaching methods which have opened doors to new pedagogies, improved social learning, and made content more accessible in real time.

    Emphasis on Research Relevance
    Facilitated by new connections between b-schools and management, as well as changing structures in academic publishing, there is a drive to complement research rigor with an increasing emphasis on relevance.

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