Shifting Roles of Management in Society

Exploring the wants, needs, and aspirations of the people, industries, and societies that rely on effective and ethical business principles and processes.

The objective research, constructive criticism, and thoughtful reflection of numerous organizations and individuals are shaping our understanding of the broader context for the emerging vision. Here, we aim to synthesize some of the major themes that are emerging, and to connect those interested in the visioning initiative with the sources to learn more.

Themes to Explore

    Greater Responsibility for Business Practitioners
    The public reputation of business managers, especially C-suite managers, has depreciated due to repeated and highly visible leadership and management failures.

    Business Addressing Social Problems
    Increasingly, the public expects business to address a growing array of social problems. What are grand challenges for management in society?

    Management Cutting Across Sectors
    Boundaries between organizations of different sectors are blurring, raising questions about the purpose and scope of “business” and “management.”

    Increasing Pace of Change
    The pace of change in management has been accelerating (increasing the need for lifelong learning).

    Talent Recruitment Through Data Analytics
    Communications and data analytics technologies are enabling firms to change the way they approach talent recruitment and development.

    Aging Workforce Demographics
    Worldwide demographic trends (e.g., aging workforces in many developed countries, growing youth populations in others, urbanization, etc.) impact workforces, economies, and business opportunities.

    Management Impacts Performance
    Better management practices are associated with higher performance of firms (and other positive outcomes).

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