Evolving Expectations of Management Education

Exploring society’s needs for education and training related to business, management, and leadership.

The objective research, constructive criticism, and thoughtful reflection of numerous organizations and individuals are shaping our understanding of the broader context for the emerging vision. Here, we aim to synthesize some of the major themes that are emerging, and to connect those interested in the visioning initiative with the sources to learn more. 

Themes to Explore

    From Knowing to Doing
    This focus shift will have a profound impact on the way we teach, the skills of the teachers, and the learners themselves.

    Addressing a Broader Range of Problems
    Management education is increasingly expected to prepare individuals and organizations to address a broader range of problems, not just “business problems.”

    Decline in Public Funding
    Privatization of funding, shrinking proportion of funding for public higher education coming from government.

    Student-to-Consumer Revolution
    A “student-to-consumer revolution” is forcing improvements in convenience and service orientation, and introducing new intermediaries to the business education ecosystem.

    Emerging Alternatives to Degrees
    Emerging alternatives and complements to degrees as market signals (of knowledge and skills) are force schools to be more accountable.

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