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Combining experience in executive education, domain knowledge, and community engagement, many business schools have the capacity to compete locally across sectors in the leadership development space. Business schools will be leaders on leadership by committing to the discovery of new data-driven insights into effective leadership, by creating environments that train and nurture effective leaders, and by connecting to and supporting others in the leadership training and development ecosystem.

Business schools also are increasingly called on to serve the common good as the premise of leadership. Within businesses, as well as across the private and nonprofit sectors, the concept of leadership needs to be more strongly framed around supporting ethical as well as effective business processes. Leadership principles need to be as closely tied to cultivating the human dimension of the business as they are to pursuing profitability.

Building on a foundation of academic literature on leadership development, business schools can and should stake a claim as a leading source for the expertise and experiences that help develop better leaders across sectors. This charge requires a commitment to developing the evidence-based theoretical and practical foundations of leadership while also building on the contextual knowledge of other disciplines and schools. Partnerships with companies and industry clusters can yield opportunities to analyze data, such as information related to career progression and leadership development, and in turn offer insights into the outcomes generated by various leadership development approaches.

The constituents for leadership expertise are diverse and are found within the full spectrum of career demographics as well as within different business and economic models. This vast scope of stakeholders suggests a need for depth and breadth in approaches to leadership development across the business school industry, some of which will likely need to be more personal, more interactive, and more closely tied to on-the-job learning than traditional educational approaches. Business schools also can position themselves as sought-after supporters or, more desirably, partners for other schools’ leadership development, such as in fields of engineering, health sciences, and education.

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