Enablers of Global Prosperity

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Enablers of Global Prosperity

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Business schools and their alumni have a positive impact on the world around them, though they still have opportunities both to more strongly reinforce the potential for positive impact and to ensure this message is more widely understood and embraced.

Many business schools, both individually and through collaborative initiatives, are asking questions about the purpose of business and the role of business innovation in creating a better world. These schools believe that quality business education will enable the responsible generation of wealth, responsible consumption, and responsible innovation that the world needs to prosper.

Business schools must continue to lead in the development of insights about the organizational leadership, structures, and decision-making frameworks that aid achievement of a broad range of objectives. Fulfillment of this obligation will require research on the benefits of, and effective practices for, cultivating a diverse and inclusive workforce. Collaborations with organizations and industry clusters can help guide the research agendas, execute new discovery projects, and develop platforms for amplifying the impact of those business schools that seek to foster good.

In their curricula, research, and outreach, business schools must be advocates for the human dimension of business, with attention to ethics, diversity, and personal well-being. They will need models and language that cultivate a humanistic perspective within graduates’ conceptual frameworks about business—helping students, for example, to question what is implied by terms such as “human capital.”

Furthermore, business schools will be well served to offer solutions to students pursuing a broad range of career paths—including in the nonprofit, public, and social entrepreneurship sectors. By cultivating a deep awareness of the interdependencies within local and global communities, and by helping students develop a global mindset, business schools will also help broaden students’ thinking about their career paths as well as about the implications of their actions and their organizational operations.

Vision in Action

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Escuela de Administración
The Changemaker Academy of Social Innovation seeks to train the next generation of social innovators to collaborate in the sustainable development of the planet. Read More

SolBridge International School of Business
The student SolBridge Debating Society serves as an instrument for promoting social change, empowering students as change agents and developing a leadership and entrepreneurial spirit within the individual. Read More

Lancaster University, Lancaster University Management School
Enabling local growth across 15 regions, Lancaster University Management School played an unprecedented role in implementing governmental policy through the design, delivery, and evaluation of a £32 million national program. Read More

The George Washington University, George Washington School of Business
Through its Capital Markets Program, the GW School of Business collaborates with the Milken Institute and the International Finance Corporation Treasury to train mid-level African professionals. Read More

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