2015 JanFebBizEd is an award-winning, bi-monthly magazine on business education. It is the only magazine of its kind covering the business education industry. BizEd articles include interviews with executives, challenges and trends facing business schools, business education news and insights, book reviews, professional development opportunities, and technology advancements in the classroom. AACSB members receive complimentary copies of the magazine. Subscriptions are available for non-members.

BizEd also provides many opportunities for advertising. Visit the link below to explore current advertisers and download the media kit.

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eNEWSLINE is an award-winning, bi-monthly electronic newsletter on business education. It includes business school news, accreditation topics, articles from business school deans, data analysis, open business school positions, and more. eNEWSLINE Live is a bi-monthly live broadcast featuring guests from the management education industry.



Data and Research Reports

AACSB International collects global data from more than 1,000 business schools throughout the year. There are a variety of reports available from faculty and administrator salaries to student demographics. Complimentary reports are available to AACSB members that participate in data collection surveys. Members can receive unlimited access to data reports and benchmarking tools through a subscription to AACSB International's database, DataDirect. Data reports also are available for purchase to the general public.

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AACSB International continuously monitors the business education industry for significant issues, challenges, trends, and new developments. AACSB works with task forces to explore these issues and provide recommendations to management educators. Reports are available to the general public for download or purchase.

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Business School Data Guide

Published annually, this booklet summarizes a wide range of business school data, including program trends, faculty and student demographics, operating budgets, and characteristics of deans. This booklet is available to the general public.

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Data and Research Blog
An AACSB blog discussing topics related to the data, trends, and practices of global business education.

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Prospective Business Student Blog
An AACSB blog for prospective business school students related to accreditation, admissions, degree programs, and more.

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White Papers

AACSB International produces a variety of white papers on specific topics for management educators. Topics have included distance learning, faculty qualifications, AACSB Accreditation, and assurance of learning. White papers are available to the general public for download.

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