Global Business School Overview Report

This report summarizes data collected by the annual AACSB Business School Questionnaire (BSQ). This data includes business school characteristics, missions, and finances (operating budgets and endowments). It also includes program information, by level and the number of schools that offer at least one program in each field/discipline. Additionally, the report includes faculty and staff statistics by gender, full-time employment with doctorate degrees, tenure status, race and ethnicity, and citizenship. The report explores statistics regarding enrollment and degrees conferred by program level.

AACSB Member Access and Customization
Educational members that participated in this survey may download the full report through DataDirect. Business members at the sustaining level (full access), executive level (overview reports for most recent survey), and business level (one report annually by request) may also access the report through DataDirect. This report may be customized by participant schools using the benchmarking quick reports menu in DataDirect.

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