AACSB Member Referral Program

AACSB invites all members to refer partner and peer institutions to join AACSB, solidifying their commitment to quality improvement.

Access to an elite network of global business schools is a key benefit of membership with AACSB International.  Member referrals aid the association in identifying leading business schools that strengthen and add value to the network, as well as elevate the global brand of AACSB membership.  AACSB invites all members to become AACSB Network Leaders today by encouraging your peer institutions to Be AACSB.

For you? Choose Two!

As the referring school, you will receive your choice of two of the following complimentary resources:

For Them?

  • The nominated school receives a rebate valued at 500 USD toward AACSB professional development events or services of their choice.

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Member Referral and Incentives Information

  • Submit your completed nomination form to membership@aacsb.edu. Form must be submitted by the referring member and the nominated member must be in copy.
  • Upon submission of the member referral form, the nominated school has up to 6 months to apply for membership in order for both institutions to be eligible for the member referral incentives. Exceptions may be granted at the discretion of the AACSB International. Upon membership approval, both the referring and nominated member have up to 6 months to utilize member referral incentives.
  • AACSB will notify both the referring and nominated member no later than 30 business days after membership approval has been granted.  The 6 month term limit to utilize member referral incentives will officially begin with this notification.

  • Nominated members must meet AACSB membership requirements.  Member referral incentives are contingent upon the applicant receiving final membership approval from AACSB International. Membership requirements are:
    • Prospective educational members must be authorized to grant degrees by the ministry of education or appropriate governing body within their respective country.
    • Prospective educational members must deliver at least one bachelors, masters, and/or doctorate degree in business, management, or accounting independently through their institution and not in partnership with another institution.

  • When a nominated institution becomes a member, the referring institution is recognized as an AACSB Network Leader.  AACSB International reserves the right to promote AACSB Network Leaders in various formats and venues at the discretion of the organization.

  • Members may nominate as many prospective member institutions as desired.  Referral incentives are subject to availability pending the number of approved nominations.  AACSB reserves the right to provide alternate referral incentives as required to meet program demands.