The Exchange App

The Exchange is a companion app to support the online member community for AACSB International. This app provides access to Exchange communities, discussions, event resources, and more. Need to meet with a member while at the event? Send a message and connect with peers from AACSB member schools worldwide. Visit the Apple or Android App Store and download the “AACSB Exchange” app to engage with your global b-school network today!

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Downloading the App to Your Device

1. Via the Apple or Android App Store, search for "AACSB Exchange." The app is free of charge. Install the application to your phone or tablet device.

AACSB Exchange App Profile 

2. Open the app within your mobile device.  You will be required to log in to your Exchange account when opening this app for the first time.

AACSB Exchange App Discussions             AACSB Exchange App

3. For best results between your phone and tablet devices, enter your email address and send an authorization to synchronize your personal itinerary selections with all of your devices.

4. Once the app is downloaded, a continuous WiFi or network connection is not required. A WiFi or network connection is only required for push notifications and general application updates.