Collaboration Concourse

The Collaboration Concourse is an exclusive, member only benefit that serves as a virtual platform for member schools to explore and connect with other member schools around the world who wish to engage in collaborative partnership opportunities. From study abroad to faculty exchange, joint research opportunities and much more, the Collaboration Concourse helps schools identify peer schools and their specific collaborative interests.

The information in the Collaboration Concourse is collected directly from the AACSB Collaborations Survey, in which schools can indicate their desired partnerships. A member institution must participate in this semi-annual survey in order for their desired collaborations to be found in the Collaboration Concourse. If you have not participated in the Collaborations Survey, but wish to participate in the Collaboration Concourse, your survey can be re-opened for completion by contacting

Searching the Collaboration Concourse

The Collaboration Concourse is housed within The Exchange; the member only, global online network that allows your school to directly communicate and share resources with your peer management educators. To search for collaborative partnership opportunities, access the Search Collaboration Concourse feature and enter your search criteria to find matching schools who are seeking collaborations.

> How to search the Collaboration Concourse (detailed instructions with screenshots)

If you have found an institution that you would like to contact to explore collaborative opportunities, you can send a direct message to the contact person denoted for their institution. You may also utilize the AACSB Member Directory to search contacts at institutions you would like to connect with and send messages directly through the Exchange. 

Attending an AACSB Event?

Take advantage of the networking opportunities available to AACSB event attendees. Once you have found compatibility with other schools through the Collaboration Concourse, you can use the Exchange to connect and set up meetings at mutual AACSB events