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  • About AACSB

    • Has AACSB International ever changed its name?

      Yes, through the years AACSB has made changes to its name they are as follows:

      • 1916: Association of Collegiate Schools of Business

      • 1925: American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)

      • 1967: American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)

      • 1997: AACSB: The International Association for Management Education

      • 2001: AACSB International - The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business
      *Acknowledging that both business and business schools had become global enterprises, the Board of Directors decided to add International to the AACSB acronym to promote the organizations commitment to advancing excellence in business schools worldwide.

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    • How old is AACSB International and how many members does it have?

      Organized in 1916, as the premier accrediting agency for bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree programs in business administration and accounting, AACSB's founding members include Columbia University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, New York University, Northwestern University, The Ohio State University, Tulane University, University of California at Berkeley, The University of Chicago, University of Illinois, University of Nebraska, University of Pennsylvania, University of Pittsburgh, The University of Texas, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Yale University. Currently AACSB International is the worlds largest accreditation association for business schools. With almost 1,200 members, in more than 78 countries, AACSB truly advances management education worldwide.

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    • When did AACSB move its headquarters?

      Previously, AACSB International was headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, USA (1966-2004). After much consideration, AACSB International relocated its organizational headquarters to Tampa, Florida, USA in late 2004. The move was viewed as a continuing step in achieving the organizational mission of advancing excellence in business schools worldwide.

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  • Data

    • Do you provide data or statistics on business schools?

      To search for general information on business schools, AACSB offers a School Profile Search through DataDirect—the most comprehensive business education database in the world. Through this database, students, members of the media, and administrators can search on criteria such as basic institution characteristics, degrees/programs, mission, etc. In addition, AACSB members can upgrade their level of access and reporting measures to DataDirect through survey participation. This will allow users with the advanced capability of building custom comparisons and ad hoc reports, evaluating schools from around the world on detailed search criteria.

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    • I am looking for data on trends in management education, where do I begin?

      Stay on top of the most recent trends and statistics in business education, review best practices of the worlds top business schools, and so much more with AACSB. From fact sheets or salary statistics, to benchmarking data or survey results, AACSB International continually gathers and publishes its findings through data reports while managing DataDirect, the largest repository of business school data in the world.

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  • General Membership

    • Does an institution have to pursue AACSB Accreditation to maintain its membership?

      While membership is a prerequisite for entering the AACSB Accreditation process, members are not required to pursue accreditation. Membership is open to educational institutions, business organizations, foundations, professional associations, and non-profit organizations with strategic interests in shaping management education. Eligible educational institutions are collegiate institutions offering baccalaureate or graduate degree programs in business administration, management, or accounting. Membership does not confer AACSB Accreditation and should not be interpreted as such.

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    • Does AACSB provide a printed member directory or a mailing list? If so, where can I find it?

      To ensure you receive the most up-to-date information, while saving resources and protecting your privacy from solicitation and data mining, AACSB International no longer offers printed directories or printed mailing labels. If you are interested in receiving an electronic list for mailing purposes, download the mailing list order form.

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  • Professional Resources

    • Do you offer special sessions or events for the management education field?

      If you are seeking an intensive learning experience or a deeper understanding of a particular topic or issue, be sure to explore the learning opportunities available through AACSB Seminars. These hands-on, sharply focused training sessions are based around skill building activities, practical tools, information, and resources.

      Additionally, our conferences provide the opportunity for attendees to link with like-minded educators and business leaders from all over the world and gain a deeper understanding of the unique issues that shape today's business schools. Focused on topics such as sustainability, assessment, and faculty development, and featuring notable speakers and session leaders, conferences strengthen networks and enrich academic programs.

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    • I have worked in the business field for many years at the executive level and have considered a career in academia. What could I do?

      AACSB International has developed a program to prepare high-level senior executives for a professionally-qualified faculty position within an AACSB-accredited business school. Partnered with the University of California, Irvine's Paul Merage School of Business and the University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business, the AACSB Bridge Program will enable the transfer of professional experience into teaching excellence.

      Attendees of the AACSB Bridge Program are pre-screened to ensure graduates meet general AACSB Accreditation Standards for professionally qualified faculty and have completed an intensive program to prepare them for an entry-level academic position. Specific determination of professionally qualified status is made by individual business schools consistent with their mission and policies.

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    • I have my PhD in the social sciences, but would like to teach within a business school. What should I do?

      In 2007, AACSB endorsed several Post-Doctoral Bridge to Business Programs that prepare experienced and new doctoral faculty from academic disciplines outside of business for faculty positions in business academia.

      By design, completing a Post-Doctoral Bridge to Business Program will enable non-business scholars to be more competitive when applying for faculty positions at AACSB-accredited business schools. AACSB's endorsement of these programs means program graduates hired by an AACSB school will receive the same initial qualification status as graduates of a business doctoral program.

      While eligibility requirements vary somewhat for each participating program, all applicants must have received doctoral degrees from an institution recognized for graduating successful scholars in that discipline. This education must have been received outside of a business school. Where applicable, the program from which the applicant graduated should normally be recognized by the appropriate specialized accreditation agency for that field. In all cases, applicants must show excellent preparation for conducting scholarly research and teaching in a field related to the business discipline for which they are applying.

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    • I currently work in management education and would like to make a change. Where can I go to look for a new position?

      AACSB International's connection to business school professionals worldwide makes it a centralized source for business education careers. Our online career center,, offers a comprehensive, up-to-date resource for those who are searching for a position or who are looking to hire a new employee.

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  • Publications

    • Do you offer periodicals for those in the field of management education?

      As an international advocate of quality management education, AACSB International continually publishes a variety of media to connect and inform the world of business schools. Read about the latest news or trends from top educators and business leaders through BizEd, our award winning management education magazine, or get association news, surveys and data reports, columns from b-school deans, and conference and seminar information electronically delivered to you via eNEWSLINE.

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    • Do you provide benchmarking reports or best practices for management educators?

      AACSB International is well-known as a thought leader in business education. By publishing various reports and maintaining comprehensive digital resources throughout the year, the organization stays informed on issues important to its members. Additionally, AACSB assembles task forces as needed to research and report on emerging topics. Visit the publications area of our website for the latest reports and information.

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  • Student Resources

    • What do you know about business school rankings?

      Generally, media rankings are conducted by the editorial staff of various newspapers and magazines. These rankings usually involve a combination of data collected from student alumni surveys, recruiter surveys, dean and director surveys, and schools. This data is then weighted to determine a system for ranking universities and programs. The key to using media rankings effectively is to know if what they measure is what is important to you in a business program.

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    • I would like to study in the field of business. Where should I go to school?

      AACSB has developed a website exclusively for prospective business students at the undergraduate, master's, and doctoral level. Site visitors will find a variety of information on business degree programs and will be able to search among only AACSB-accredited business schools. Visit to learn more about choosing a school, a concentration, preparing to attend, and other information related to the business school selection process.

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  • Transform: A Dialogue

    • Can I sort the contributions to find the ones I am most interested in?

      Yes! You can sort through all of the contributions by theme by clicking on the campaigns tab to the left of the page. From the drop-down menu, you can select one of the four themes. This will filter out all of the contributions which do not align with the selected theme. You can also sort through contributions by keyword using the built-in word cloud. Right beneath the campaigns tab mentioned above, you will see a What we're discussing header, followed by a selection of words and phrases. These words and phrases are populated from the most commonly used words in the contributions. Click on a word or phrase to filter for all of the contributions where that word or phrase appears.

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    • How do I sign up to submit contributions and comments?

      You may sign up at: Click Register in the upper-right hand corner and enter an e-mail address. You will receive an email with a link to the site asking you to create a password. If you have difficulty signing up, please contact us at: Please note, the email address and account you create is not linked to your myAACSB email and account.

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    • How do I submit a contribution to the dialogue?

      Participating in the dialogue is easy. Once you are signed in, just click the orange "Submit New Idea" button. You will be prompted to give your contribution a name, enter
      a description, and assign it to one of the four themes (or campaigns). These themes represent four broad areas of focus for management education. Please select the
      theme that you feel best fits your contribution. Optionally, you may also Tag your contribution with other words that may help those interested locate it.

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    • How will I know when new contributions or comments are added?

      For emailed updates regarding the dialogue, you can subscribe to several different RSS feeds, such as: New Ideas and New Comments. To do so, copy the link address of the feed you are interested in and paste it into your preferred RSS feed program (such as Microsoft Outlook). These feeds will send an automatic update to your email address when a new idea or comment is added.

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    • What are the votes next to each of the contributions?

      Users can agree or disagree with each contribution by clicking on the "I agree" or "I disagree" buttons to the left of the contribution. Clicking on "I agree" adds 1 vote to the
      contribution, while clicking "I disagree" removes 1 vote. The contributions with the most votes are filtered to the top.

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    • Why are my contributions or comments not appearing right away?

      All contributions and comments are vetted by AACSB International staff for appropriateness to the ongoing dialogue prior to their posting. AACSB International reserves the right to edit and/or block content that may be inflammatory, offensive, off-topic, or otherwise inappropriate to the nature of the discussion.

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