Business School Conceptual Framework

What is it that business schools do? What are the mechanisms by which business schools interact with, and impact, different constituents and aspects of the communities they serve? The AACSB Task Force on Business Schools and Innovation introduced a conceptual framework to define and describe business schools along several basic dimensions. The framework helps to illustrate the position of business schools within a societal structure, and to identify a few of the many dimensions along which schools can and do differentiate their activities and expected outcomes.

The framework is intentionally abstract, in order to be applicable to a diverse set of business schools within a community, and across communities around the world. It is not intended to articulate "the" model for business schools. Instead, it demonstrates that there is no single model that captures the richness and diversity of business schools.

Each business school must find its own unique interpretation of the framework. It is a foundation for individual schools to assess whether their activities have intended (and needed) impacts on relevant constituents. It also is intended to guide further research on the impacts of business schools within society, by highlighting the numerous and related pathways through which they strive to add value.

Applying and Using the Framework

The framework is available in interactive and full PDF format. To explore the framework, select from the items below:

> Downloadable PDF—A PDF version of the framework and the shortened descriptions that are found in the above linked interactive format.

> Framework with Complete Descriptions—A nine-page, PDF document that explores the framework and its potential uses.