Types of Data

Data on Students (Undergraduate, Master's, and Doctoral-Level)

Applications, admissions, entrants, and test scores (by degree title, education level, and type of program)

Full-time and part-time (by degree title, education level, and type of program)

Degrees Conferred
Full-time and part-time (by degree title, education level, and type of program)

Number of students seeking employment, not seeking, and employed within three months of graduation. Compensation for those accepting employment.

Gender, race/ethnicity (U.S. only), and host country of origin

Class Sizes
Student credit hours and mean class sizes

Data on Programs

Education Levels
Undergraduate, master's generalist, master's specialist, and doctoral

Degree Titles
Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, Master of Science, Master of Accountancy, Ph.D., MBA, etc.

Methods of Delivery
Full-time, part-time, evenings and weekends, off-campus, distance learning, online, and partner

Data on Faculty, Administrators, and Staff

Number Employed
Number of full-time, full-time equivalent, and graduate teaching assistants

Teaching Loads
Undergraduate, graduate, per semester credit hours per year

Faculty Demographics
Faculty by rank, discipline, and gender.

Faculty Qualifications 
Number of participating and supporting faculty, number of faculty in different qualification categories, and faculty qualification definitions.

Faculty and Administrator Compensation
Faculty and administrator salaries (aggregate data) by rank and discipline

General Institution Data

Budgets and Funds
Operating budgets and endowments, sources and uses of funds, tuition models, and governance models.

Overall Operations
Mission priorities and emphasis, innovative and effective practices.

International Collaborations, Partnerships, and Presence
Student exchange participation, joint and dual degrees, branch campuses, and faculty collaborations.

Institutional Control
Public versus private

Carnegie Classification (U.S. Only)
Baccalaureate colleges, master's colleges, and universities, etc.

Accreditation Status
Business and accounting

Country and state/province