Benchmarking Tools

Benchmarking Access

School that participate in specific surveys will receive full benchmarking access for that survey's data from the time of its release for the year until the release of the next year's data. For example, a school that participated in the 2011–2012 Global Salary Survey would have access to the salary survey benchmarking tools until the release of the 2012–2013 Global Salary Survey results. If a school has participated in the 2012–2013 Global Salary Survey their access level will not change. Access is participation based.

Custom Comparison Groups

Compare schools in your region or those with programs similar to yours. This feature is available complementary to all AACSB members and allows you to create custom comparison groups by using search criteria or selecting schools by name.

  • Minimum of six schools per group with unlimited comparison group size
  • Share any comparison group created with all other users at your school

Pie ChartsCustom Data and Reports

This feature includes:

Quick Reports
Use a custom comparison group to create a report for a specific survey.

Report Writer
Choose up to 20 specific variables for a customized report based on a selected comparison group.

View a selected variable for multiple comparison groups across multiple years.

Sorted Lists
Rank schools within a comparison group based on a selected variable.

Select specific non-numeric variables for frequency and crosstab analysis for a selected comparison group.

Slide Shows
Save commonly needed tables/graphs, sorted lists, crosstabs, frequencies, and report writer reports for use with comparison groups or years of data.

Custom Variable
Create calculated variables for use with benchmarking tools.