Custom Data Tables

As part of AACSB International's ongoing commitment to business education worldwide, the DataDirect survey, benchmarking, and report system was created to enhance both data collection and reporting. One of the main features of this system is the ability for schools to use custom comparison groups with the provided tools to benchmark and track their school's data alongside their chosen comparison groups. There are a number of different benchmarking tools within DataDirect. Each has been designed to meet different data needs for system users. All of the benchmarking tools are used in conjunction with these comparison groups.

Generate Custom Tables Using Data from the Following Surveys

Business School Questionnaire (BSQ) * • Global Salary Survey * • Accounting Programs Questionnaire (APQ) * • Innovations That Inspire • Collaborations Survey

What Types of Benchmarking and Custom Data Set Tools are Available through DataDirect?

  • Comparison Groups:
    Focus your data set on the schools most relevant to your needs, using either a comparison group wizard to select schools based on their characteristics or the option to create comparison groups from scratch by selecting individual schools. For future reference, save these groups in your account, and share them across all accounts at your school. Some restrictions apply for confidentiality purposes.

  • Tables & Graphs:
    Choose a single variable to see the mean/median values for that variable across multiple years and view your results in data table or graph form. Click an aggregate number in these tables to view a sorted list for the data used in creating that data point.

  • Sorted Lists:
    Choose a single variable to view individual data points. Non-confidential variables are listed per school; individual data points will not be identified by school for any confidential variables.

  • Slide Shows:
    For benchmarking items that you plan to use more than once, store commonly used or interesting benchmarking results in slide shows within DataDirect for later use.

  • Report Writer:
    Choose up to 20 variables for use with custom comparison groups. The data used can be listed as either complete (per-school) or summary (aggregate) depending on the confidentiality of the variables selected.

  • Quick Reports:
    Quick reports are some of the most popular items within DataDirect benchmarking. These are pre-designated reports for use with custom comparison groups. Quick reports include data points that are commonly requested, including some variables that are not active through other benchmarking tools.

  • Custom Variables:
    Calculate your own custom variables using existing variables and basic mathematical calculations. Once created, these can be used in any variable-based benchmarking tool.

  • Crosstabs & Frequencies:
    Choose single or multiple variables for frequency tables within the option to include a crosstab variable.

Who Can Access DataDirect?

An official representative or an official designee at an AACSB member school has full access to DataDirect.

The official representative or official designee may authorize additional various access levels for other individuals at AACSB member schools, through the administration user setup tool or by emailing a request

Custom Data Requests

Individuals without access to DataDirect may request that AACSB staff generate custom data sets for research purposes. Contact DataDirect for additional information.

* Only schools that participated in the most recent Global Salary Survey, Business School Questionnaire, or Accounting Programs Questionnaire are eligible for the full benchmarking access to the items from the surveys completed.