AACSB Associate Deans Seminar

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24–25 October 2017 | Seoul, South Korea

Whether you are newly hired or an experienced associate dean in Asia Pacific, the Associate Deans Seminar is a practical experience to help you create a balanced work environment and further your understanding of this complex position.

This seminar will help you discover useful resources for managing internal, (e.g., faculty, research, student services, budgeting, and curriculum development) and external (e.g., corporate and international relations) responsibilities. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to build a peer support network of other associate deans in Asia Pacific and develop a personal vision and action plan that will help you thrive in your dynamic role, whether it is a temporary or tenured career.

You will also discuss the role the associate dean plays in the accreditation process. However, please note that this is not the sole focus of the seminar. For an in-depth look into the accreditation standards, please see our Business Accreditation Seminar or Continuous Improvement Review Seminar.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to successfully handle diverse administrative duties while maintaining teaching and/or research obligations and supporting your dean, faculty, and staff
  • Identify the resources to efficiently manage the internal and external components of the associate dean’s responsibilities
  • Understand the associate dean’s role in the accreditation process
  • Establish a foundation for your peer and professional support network
  • Develop a personal vision and action plan

Who Should Attend

Current associate, assistant, and vice deans in Asia Pacific.