Art and Science of Teaching Seminar

9-10 March 2018 | Singapore

Art and Science of Teaching Seminar

9–10 March 2018 | SingaporeNew

Rethinking the approach to teaching and classroom management is the goal of this seminar, which is designed to help participants excel in teaching and teaching-related activities. Participants will be trained in the art and science of effective teaching, student engagement, and classroom management by using student-centred, active-learning approaches used by master teachers. Attendees will be taught specific methods used by award-winning teachers to create a compelling learning experience, including “backwards” course design and teaching methods such as encoding, interleaving, and chunking. Further, the effective use and management of student and teacher assessment will be addressed.

In addition, participants will learn how to manage a case class, from case preparation to discussion management, handling challenging students, and student evaluation. Attendees will also gain hands-on experience in the art and craft of writing cases and teaching notes. Further, participants will learn how to use innovative technologies to engage and track students before the start and during class—be it traditional, blended, or “flipped” classes.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand ten methods of master teachers and how to utilize them in the classroom.
  • Acquire insights into the art and craft of writing cases and teaching notes.
  • Develop expertise in preparing, running, and evaluating a case class.
  • Learn about "backwards" course design and methods to assess students and teachers.
  • Practice with technology that engages and tracks students before class and during class.

Who Should Attend

Faculty wanting to create a personalized teaching style, faculty new to the classroom, executives transitioning from the corporate world to the classroom, PhD students looking to start an academic career, and faculty seeking to improve their effectiveness in the classroom.

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