Curriculum Development Series: Data Analytics Seminar

16–17 May 2017 |Amsterdam, the Netherlands    

Hosted by: Amsterdam_Business_School_ABS

Data is Everywhere: Collaborate with experts to implement the right data education into your curriculum. 

Business demand for graduates with data analytics knowledge and skills has exploded, while the field itself is still evolving and changing rapidly, with new strategies, tools, and techniques coming online daily. Attend this highly interactive seminar with experts from the field. The seminar includes topics such as building data science ecosystems, designing data science curricula, panel discussion on challenges and issues in data science at business schools, and much more.

This event will feature the following sessions: 

In both projects B-schools work together with Statistics, Econometrics, OR, Computer Science/AI and other departments from multiple universities

  • Building Data Science Teams in the industry: the EU EDISON project on job profiles, knowledge & skills and academic curricula
    Yuri Demchenko (University of Amsterdam and EDISON Lead Team)
  • Incubator Facilities for Data Science Start-ups from students and academic staff
    Erik Boer (Director of Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship) and presentations by Data Science start-ups
  • International student exchange in Business Analytics: the example of QTEM (16:00 – 16:30)
    Han van Dissel (University of Amsterdam and co-founder of QTEM)

  • Research: the successful concept of Business Labs as connection between academia and the industry
    Esther Smit (Amsterdam Data Science)
  • Experiences from Teaching a Practical Course on Blockchain to B-students
    Tobias Disse and Thom Bergman (Berkeley Blockchain Initiative)
  • Panel Discussion on Challenges and Issues in Data Science at B-school 
    Led by Michael MacDonnell