Curriculum Development Series: Data Analytics Seminar

16–17 May 2017 |Amsterdam, the Netherlands    

Hosted by: Amsterdam_Business_School_ABS

Business demand for graduates with data analytics knowledge and skills has exploded, while the field itself is still evolving and changing rapidly, with new strategies, tools, and techniques coming online daily. These dynamics are challenging business schools to respond with innovative programs and curricular approaches that are connected deeply with practice. This seminar will focus on how to develop, implement and deliver data analytics programs and other curriculum components that meet the highest academic standards consistent with AACSB accreditation expectations, as well as the needs of the business community and prospective students. Original content and cases, discussions and group activities, meetings with data analytics executives, and other experiences have been designed to assist schools initiate and expand their work in this vital area.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze the (business and student) expectations for data analytics knowledge and skills
  • Consider the role of data analytics in general business management curricula
  • Implement a strategic planning process with the objective of creating a data analytics program
  • Develop techniques and requirements for teaching data analytics classes, including experience programs, online and hybrid platforms
  • Build business engagement strategies, research platforms, and international approaches