Leading in the Academic Enterprise® Series

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Leading in the Academic Enterprise® Series: Leading People and Organizational Change

October 20–21, 2016 | Tampa, Florida, USA

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When in a leadership position, have you ever found it difficult to lead change and build trust?

In the Leading People and Organizational Change segment of the three-part Leading in the Academic Enterprise® series, you will focus on Leading at the Crossroads of Change or leading from the middle instead of from the top or bottom. On day one, using case studies, you will explore, in a group setting, how to categorize stakeholders and define appropriate methods—Communications, Strategies, Tactics, and Sequencing—to avoid pitfalls.

On day two, you will learn how to build trust from three sources and to repair trust from different levels of damage, or ways to recover if you are unable to achieve either result. You will also learn how maintaining a balanced four-square life will translate to being a better leader.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the advantages of Leading at the Crossroads of Change
  • Understand how to categorize stakeholders
  • Discover how to structure communication with stakeholders and avoid creating communication pitfalls
  • Learn how to build coalitions, resolve conflict, and reallocate resources to enable innovation
  • Identify techniques for building or rebuilding trust in different scenarios
  • Grasp what it means to live a four-square life

Who Should Attend

Administrators and faculty members interested in undertaking a leadership role in their school, such as department chair, assistant dean, associate dean, program director, etc.