International Conference and Annual Meeting

April 22–24, 2018 | Honolulu, Hawaii, USA | #ICAM2018

Seven Reasons to Attend

The International Conference and Annual Meeting (ICAM) is the industry’s most anticipated event of the year. Unlike other AACSB events, this conference is not only our largest, but it also is where our membership comes together to review the organization’s key accomplishments, vote on upcoming initiatives, hear updates on the state of the association, and welcome new leadership.

From world-class networking opportunities and learning new best practices to acquiring a global perspective of the current state of business education, ICAM provides a range of critical intelligence and connections that will transform your career and your institution.

Here are the Top Reasons to Attend ICAM:

1.    Hear From the Experts
ICAM is your ideal opportunity to hear presentations from experts in the business education industry. In addition to learning from internationally renowned speakers during the event’s plenary sessions, ICAM is presents an all-in-one platform to meet, ask questions, and learn from AACSB staff and other experienced colleagues.
2.   Meet Your Colleagues Face-to-Face
With more than 1,400 business education leaders in attendance, ICAM offers multiple opportunities to mix and mingle, form new relationships, and strengthen existing ones. Over coffee, lunch, or during an evening reception, you can connect with peers and colleagues from around the world—maybe even someone to mentor you in your career. During a session, you could find yourself sitting next to a representative from a school looking for new partners for ventures or co-ops.

Get Inspired
Breaking out of your daily routine and being surrounded by like-minded individuals can spark new ideas. Discover what other institutions are doing to empower faculty, connect with students, and impact the business education community. Or take the opportunity to connect with other business educators who share common interests related to school size, program focus, location, and/or professional field by attending one of the ICAM Affinity Group Meetings

4.   Gain New Skills and Perspectives
As our largest event of the year, ICAM offers the broadest range of learning tracks and sessions, each of which is facilitated by delegates from a globally diverse group of schools offering presenters from different ethnicities, school sizes, locations, challenges, and needs. Attending these sessions may draw direct congruencies with your institution, or they may reveal a solution to your problem by simply looking at it through a different lens.

Stay Up-to-date on Business Education’s Most Critical Topics
ICAM is the ultimate opportunity to discuss essential topics ranging from curriculum to technology, and accreditation to collaborations with the industry. Those who attend ICAM will discover international perspectives, be informed on academic trends, and uncover solutions to current challenges.

Looking for a good story to cover? ICAM is the best place to learn about the business education industry and its future direction.

6.   Impact the Direction of Business Education for Future Practice
Our future business leaders may only be as good as the education they receive, so as our graduates enter the workforce and mature in their fields, we must work to gather anecdotal evidence, feedback, and research to shape our programs to develop the next generation of leaders. ICAM offers an ideal venue for you to connect with the best business schools in the industry, learn more about their initiatives, and share your feedback on the direction of business education as it affects business practice.
7.   Promote Your Brand, Product, or Service
When you sponsor one of AACSB’s world-class events, you gain access to the largest group of business education and industry professionals. Make the most of your potential impact on more than 1,400 attendees by sponsoring or exhibiting with us. If you’re looking to establish your prominent position in the world of business education, make ICAM a part of your overall business strategy.