Redesigning the Undergraduate Curriculum Conference

See Highlights from 2017 Conference in Columbus, Ohio, USA

Redesigning the MBA: Curriculum Conference

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Redesigning the Undergraduate Curriculum Conference

May 17–19, 2017 | Columbus, Ohio, USA

The 2017 Redesigning the Undergraduate Curriculum Conference, with nearly 150 attendees, explored examples in unique curriculum design and contemplate the undergraduate program, purpose, and position. Plenary sessions focused on a corporate perspective of business education, integrative knowledge, and reimagining the undergraduate program. This conference also presented a diverse set of concurrent sessions with topics to help you think strategically about program design, utilizing technology, fostering student engagement, and more.

Plenary Speakers


Plenary I: Developing Leadership Within the Undergraduate Students

Session Moderator:

  • Elliot Bendoly, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Students and Programs & Fisher College of Business Distinguished Professor, Management Science, Max M. Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University

In this panel session, several industry leaders came together to discuss issues in contemporary leadership training, and the role that universities can play in the development of leadership skill sets and acumen. The objective was to raise awareness of the diverse sets of issues viewed to be prospects for university development in the leadership domain. In particular, the objective was to make clear some of the possible paths that business schools might pursue toward developing leadership skill sets of particular value to their own students and industry partners.


Kay Faris



Plenary II: Practice vs Liberal Learning

Session Presenters:

  • Kay Faris, Senior Associate Dean, W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University
  • Marc Smelik, Vice Dean, IE Business School, Madrid, Spain

How do schools help students acquire the requisite skills and knowledge needed for their careers? Is the strongest approach a liberal education or a practical education or somewhere between the two? Where to position yourself on the spectrum of greater liberal arts education or more practice-focused education is a choice for business schools. This choice is often driven by the institution’s history, mission, and structure of delivery and decision making. In this session, attendees offered insight from two universities on this spectrum and how this shapes their bachelor’s degree business education.


Plenary III: Resilience, Relationships, and Readiness: Preparing Young Leaders for Success in the New Economy

Session Presenter:
Tim Davis
, Executive Director, Student Resilience and Leadership Development, University of Virginia

Most colleges and universities consider the development of influential young leaders to be one of their highest priorities. However, many institutions struggle to provide students with the support they need to become the resilient and influential leaders that their institutions envision. This session described some of the approaches being implemented at the University of Virginia to teach emotional resilience, increase relationship/team effectiveness, and instill the practical skills necessary for leadership positions in increasingly challenging business environments.

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