International Conference and Annual Meeting

See Highlights from 2017 Conference in Houston, Texas, USA

International Conference and Annual Meeting

Save the Date | April 22–24, 2018 | Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

International Conference and Annual Meeting

Accelerating Transformation.

April 23–25, 2017 | Houston, Texas USA

Business needs more from us. Students want more. Society demands more.

At ICAM 2017, more than 1300 participants from 54 countries came together in Houston, Texas, USA to be a part of accelerating the transformation of business education. Through a revitalized conception of the business education ecosystem, we confronted disruptive factors, we welcomed revolutionary thinking, and we worked to advance the roles of business schools as catalysts for innovation, co-creators of knowledge, hubs of lifelong learning, leaders on leadership, and enablers of global prosperity.

On April 24, 2017, AACSB launched a new brand platform that supports our mission of connecting business schools and businesses to educate and inspire great leaders.

Plenary Speakers


Plenary I: Daring Leadership—The Four Pillars of Courage

Brené Brown, Research Professor and Huffington Brené Brown
Endowed Chair, C.T. Bauer College of Business, University of Houston

In this keynote address, Dr. Brené Brown explored what she has learned about courage and why she believes it is a collection of skills that can be taught, developed, and learned. Based on 15 years of research, Brown focused on the four pillars of courage—vulnerability, trust, clarity of values, and rising skills. She writes, “Courage is an irreducible element of successful strategy and culture change efforts, and it’s a prerequisite for any meaningful and lasting leadership development approach. Regardless of how an organization measures success, you can’t get there without brave leaders.”


Beta Gamma Sigma International Honoree Luncheon and Plenary II: Culture and Customers

Aylwin B. Lewis, President and Chief Executive Officer
Potbelly Sandwich Works

Aylwin Lewis discussed how he is breaking down artificial barriers and making sure his company’s leaders match the customers they serve. He shared how Potbelly leverages its culture and values and responds to increasing consumer demands for food credibility and authenticity.


Plenary III: Brace for Impact

Margaret Heffernan, Entrepreneur, Chief Executive, Author

Is business education still relevant? What and whom is it for? How far should business be held accountable for the legal, financial, and ethical failings of major institutions around the world, and how will they craft their response? Every organization in the world is confronting these issues of relevance, adaptation, and transformation. This is about more than change with pumped-up rhetoric: it is a new challenge in a different environment. Companies, their leaders, and the schools that educate the workforce have to be prepared now to re-examine everything they used to believe. In the coming transformation, who will be leaders—and who will be left to follow?

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