Diversity and Inclusion Summit

November 9, 2017 | New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Diversity and Inclusion Summit: From Awareness to Action

November 9, 2017 | New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Businesses have come to recognize the benefits of having a workplace that encourages diversity and embraces a culture of inclusion, as have business schools. Yet believing in the benefits isn’t enough. Despite the best of intentions, unconscious biases persist in workplace policies and practices, in student engagement and educational methods, and in approaches to community outreach and partnerships. Identifying, and overcoming, these biases and barriers often can only happen after attaining broad buy-in from others through effectively communicating the costs—to the student body, the workforce, and the school’s bottom line—of not initiating diversity education and inclusive practices.

This one-day event is not for those who need convincing that there is more to do but rather for those who are seeking the tools, data, best practices, and insights to convince others of the rationale for change, and the strategies and confidence to implement new approaches in the interest of a more inclusive workplace student body, and ultimately more inclusive mindsets and collaborations. Participants will hear from speakers who have successfully led efforts to make companies, schools, and mindsets more inclusive. They will also learn from one another in workshop-style sessions aimed at helping them explore actions and strategies they can take back to their own institutions.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore and uncover processes and policies at your campus in which unconscious bias is a barrier to your inclusion and diversity objectives.
  • Gain ideas for implementing new programs and initiatives through reflection on best practices from within academia and business.
  • Identify data, tools, and talking points to use in winning over minds in pursuit of inclusivity and diversity.


Who Should Attend

Inclusion and diversity officers and champions, associate and assistant deans, program directors, and deans

Conference Chair

Sarah F. Gardial
Dean, Tippie College of Business, The University of Iowa

Event Contact

For more information, contact, Juliane Iannarelli, Vice President and Chief Knowledge Officer at Juliane.Iannarelli@aacsb.edu

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