B-School Communications and Development Symposium

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B-School Communications and Development Symposium

March 7–9, 2018 | Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Affinity Group Meetings

The following Affinity Group events will take place in conjunction with the 2017 B-School Communications and Development Symposium. Please check back often for updates.

PLEASE NOTE: Space is limited. Pre-registration is required to guarantee your participation. Registration for Affinity Group activities is free unless noted otherwise.

Monday, March 27, 2017

1:00pm - 2:30pm
Development Professionals Affinity Group Meeting

The Development Professionals Affinity Group seeks your input on creating formal group governance and structure, establishing leadership succession framework, outlining annual group activities, and maximizing the benefit and value of participation among group members.  The preferences of current group members will be sought and volunteer opportunities will be shared.


3:00pm - 5:00pm
Marketing and Communications Council Affinity Group Meeting

Join peer marketing and communications professionals for an open conversation on the things that keep you up at night.  Topics will be deployed into table-top discussions with key ideas from each table being reported to the full group.  The group will also host a discussion on the “freak-out worthy things I wish I had known…” as lessons are shared from b-schools with new buildings.

The Marketing and Communications Council Affinity Group will also host a pay-your-way networking dinner on Monday evening.  Space will be limited and available on first come basis.  Please see onsite staff to sign up.