Asia Pacific Annual Conference

25–27 October 2017 │ Seoul, South Korea

Asia Pacific Annual Conference

Save the Date | 29–31 October 2018 | Nagoya, Japan

Asia Pacific Annual Conference

25–27 October 2017│ Seoul, South Korea

The 2017 Asia Pacific Annual Conference took place in Seoul, South Korea on October 25–27, 2017 with over180 attendees across 20 countries. With the shifting terrain of higher education worldwide challenging universities to examine how they can adjust or transform traditional practices and policies while also preserving practices and policies, Asia has entered a period of historic transformation. This conference explored how business education is leading the way in innovation and turning challenges into opportunities for growth. Predominating topics throughout the conference were:

  • How do business schools adapt during periods of constant change and uncertainty?
  • Understanding the opportunities and challenges of communication in a hyper connected digital age.
  • Exploring corporate and social responsibility, ethics and sustainability.

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 Plenary Speakers

 Jikyeong Kang, Asian Institute of Management  

Plenary I: VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity)

Jikyeong Kang, Asian Institute of Management, Philippines

Beginning with an introduction to the VUCA world—the emerging business and economic environment of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, this discussion delved into how business strategies are evolving adapt to these disruptive changes.





Plenary II: Technology and Economic Growth

Yvonne Park, President and Senior Partner, FleishmanHillard Korea 

As we live in a hyperconnected digital age, it has proven to be both an opportunity and a challenge to business communication around the globe. In this dynamic session, Park explored the extensive opportunities the digitization era presents to reach your intended audiences.


 Giselle Weybrecht




Plenary III: Best Management Practices Towards Corporate and Social Responsibility, Ethics and Sustainability

Giselle Weybrecht, Author, Trainer and Independent Consultant 

This session explored what sustainability is and what it means to business schools.

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