Annual Accreditation Conference

See Highlights from 2016 Conference in Minneapolis

Annual Accreditation Conference

See Highlights from 2017 Conference in Pittsburgh

Annual Accreditation Conference

Save the Date: September 23–25, 2018 | Washington, DC, USA

Annual Accreditation Conference

September 18–20, 2016 | Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

The 2016 Annual Accreditation Conference took place in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, from September 18–20, 2016 and offered an invigoration program to aid schools of all sizes leverage accreditation to engage students, faculty, and practice, innovate with programs and business models, and create measurable impact.

 Plenary Speakers


Plenary I: When Generations Connect

Phil Gwoke
Generational Expert, BridgeWorks

As an internationally recognized speaker, Phil Gwoke has presented in 20 different states to over 100,000 people is committed to bringing out the best in every generation. During this conference, Gwoke will highlighted the four different generations that are working side-by-side in today’s business ecosystem and identified the tools needed to transform this diversity into an opportunity.


Plenary II: A Model for Inclusive Workplaces: Blocking Bias in the Employee Lifecycle

Lori N Mackenzie
Executive Director, Clayman Institute for Gender Research, Stanford University

Stanford's executive director of the Center for the Advancement of Women's Leadership at Stanford University, Lori Mackenzie presented on why diversity is an educational and business imperative and how inclusion improves lives in the classroom and beyond.

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